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Hristina S.

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Ukraine Ternopol, Ukraine
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    Українська Українська: fluent
    Русский Русский: upper-intermediate
    English English: elementary







    • 8 USD

      Rules for the Real Estate Agency

      Illustrations and drawings
      The development of procedures for the real estate agency on services and contacts.


      #design #designer #social networks #social networks #Illustrations
    • 3 USD

      Letters to the Holy

      Illustrations and drawings
      Create lists for customers to different worlds.


      #Design #Designer #Design #Post #Makeing #Illustrations #Marketing
    • 5 USD

      Article for the site. Censorship on the Internet

      Article writing
      Censorship in the media is a well-known phenomenon. The limitation of freedom of expression and beliefs came to a new level with progressive digitization.


      #copyright #copyright #seo-copyright #re-right #articles
    • 5 USD

      Return of article for the site. The Foundations of Internet Marketing

      The dynamic expansion of the Internet has changed the business strategy of many companies. The appropriate measures associated with online marketing may not only enable the target group to expand, but also increase the company’s profits. However, like in any new industry that is developing, the specification of the tools and definitions of online marketing can cause problems in many beginners. So in the article below we will answer such questions as what is Internet Marketing? What are the Internet Marketing Tools? Is it good to promote on the internet?


      #copyright #copyright #copyright #copyright #copyright
    • 5 USD

      Google Ads campaigns

      Article writing
      Most companies are developing on the Internet. Most potential customers who are looking for a given product or service. Google Ads companies meet the needs of entrepreneurs who want to develop their company, increase sales and expand their audience. These are a variety of marketing actions that use keywords, videos and other elements to attract the attention of Internet users.


      #GoogleAdwords #ads #Articles #copy #copy
    • 8 USD

      Posts for Business Website

      4 Things Amazon Could Teach You About Business

      Amazon is a company that has achieved a global success. Why don’t we learn in one that receives 220 billion revenue in six months has 310 million active users, and 90% of Internet users consider their website the most reliable of all online stores on Earth.


      #Copyright #Copyright #SEO-Copyright #Articles
    • 4 USD

      Article on the billboard for the advertising agency website

      Article writing
      Billboards are traditional, popular and, most importantly, one of the most effective types of external advertising. Their effectiveness lies in the correct location, the constant display and the attractive message. Large, well-lighted banners on buildings or specialized buildings in places with intense movement are the proven recipe for your success.


      #Articles #Copyright #Relating #SEO-Copyright
    • 4 USD

      Posts Tagged ‘7 Reasons Why You Should Have’

      Article writing
      One of the most common questions is “Why should you have a website”, “Why should you have a website”, and in the next article we will try to answer this worrying question. The question of whether it is worth creating a website for our company almost usually ends with the answer “Naturally so.” Because in order to have the opportunity to compete in the modern world, we need to exist on the Internet.


      #Articles #writing_state #copyright #copyright #seo-copyright
    • 13 USD

      Writing articles for the site

      Instagram Reels - How to Use Instagram Roles?
      Short film video accompanying the past time.A new offer from Instagram, this can not be anything but Instagram Reels.You are interested in this feature can beforehand managing your profile?
    • 89 USD

      Auto Schools

      Social media marketing
      What was done?
      1 . More live photos! This creates confidence in every potential customer, as he already knows who and what he will deal with.
      The 2nd She posted a photo on the page with bright inscriptions that immediately informed the customer about what the post will be!
      3 . The Thematic Images. I picked them so that the visual was not "moved" and easier to perceive the customer in the eye!
    • 128 USD

      The Restaurant

      Social media marketing
      The correct setting of goals to move the page quickly and efficiently on social networks.
      For the restaurant "Real" the following tasks were completed:
      • Attracting new potential visitors;
      • a photo session of the facility to show its interior;
      • a visual page and content;
      • regularly informing customers about new promotions and new menus;
      • Publish a photo of the event.
    • 64 USD

      Promotion of IT courses

      Social media marketing
      What was done:
      Create a page,
      a profile hat.
      The visual,
      The texts,
      by Hailiths,
      The chosen headset,
      The event was created for the registration of the courses.
      And advertising was also used.
      All these actions in the complex allowed to significantly increase loyalty to the brand, raise coverage, increase the number of subscribers and get new customers.
    • 77 USD

      Cosmetic Center

      Social media marketing
      For them I am:
      Created a unique style of publications in a modern and corresponding design;
      Create creativity to attract customers;
      - fully packed profile: highlights, strip, profile hat;
      - launched targeted advertising to promote account;
      - developing publications for accounting according to the needs of the auditor;
      increased number of subscribers;
      Increased the interest of the audience;
      Increased coverage.

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    7 June 2023 13 USD
    Настройка бизнес аккаунта в Инстаграмм


    Everything is performed. according to the assigned task.


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