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Iryna Ivashchenko

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Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
1 hour 25 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 10 bids
age 19 years
registered for 6 months 4 days


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    Audio and video editing 4
    Text translation 1

    Language Proficiency Level

    Українська Українська: fluent
    Русский Русский: advanced


    Design & art


    Audio & video




    • 7 USD

      Translation with the preservation of the design of the pages "X-LIME"

      Text translation
      Translation from English to English with the preservation of all tables #translation
    • 5 USD

      New Year’s Logo “Milka”

      Logo design
      #Logotypes #Design Types
    • 7 USD

      What did you hear in your childhood?

      Audio and video editing
      #CapCut #Videomontager
    • “Injection of Threats”

      Text translation
      Translation from German and description
      # translation
    • Translation of themes from English to Ukrainian

      Text translation
      Translation of Reddit
      # translation
    • 4 USD

      Advertising Dresses

      Video advertising
      French dress advertising
    • 4 USD

      Coffee Advertising

      Video advertising
      Ukrainian coffee advertising


      Recent proposals 10
    Transcripting from youTube to text file
    20 USD
    Filling of goods cards (opencart)
    131 USD
    Writing an article from the world of cryptocurrencies,winning for telegram channels
    53 USD
    Manual writing of small texts on the site
    37 USD
    Charge of goods on Prom
    39 USD
    Make a photo menu for the site.
    24 USD
    Search requests for goods on the Prom portal
    39 USD
    Install Video Course
    131 USD
    Adding goods to the website of the platform prom!
    79 USD
    Make a table with all cities with a population of more than 1 million people
    39 USD