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Artyom Sachyan

Ukraine Krivoi Rog, Ukraine
3 months 4 days ago
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3 years ago
1 Client
registered for 3 years
  • субтитры
  • английский язык
  • обработка фото
  • перевод с английского
  • обработка изображений
  • перевод на английский
  • Adode Photoshop
  • перевод субтитров
  • английский перевод
  • Аудио/видео монтаж
  • Photoshop обработка
  • видео youtube


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  • 100 UAH

    Логотип моего аккаунта в Instagram

    Logo design
    Логотип который я сделал за 3 минуты для своего паблика в Instagram

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 1


Thank you, Artem for your hard work on my project. It was great to work with you!
Just wanted to mention that it was important and valuable for me, that Artem didn't give up and finished the project successfully. Even though in the beginning we had some difficulties. he found the way to resolve all the technical issues and problems, and in the end provided a great final video production.
I appreciate that Artem tried his very best to accomplish the task in the exact way I wanted it. Artem was a great communicator, which for me was very important. I hope to work with Artem again in the future!


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