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Nadezhda Harchenko

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Ukraine Kropivnitskiy, Ukraine
19 days 5 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
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2 months 17 days ago
2 Clients
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    Social media marketing

    Language Proficiency Level

    Українська Українська: fluent
    Русский Русский: fluent
    Polski Polski: elementary



    • 7 USD

      Repair of apartment/building

      Social media advertising
      The lowest price of the application

      Creation of Creatives
      Setup of advertising campaigns
      Reduction of the price for Lida
    • Dentology Promotion Dentology Promotion

      Social media marketing
      Profile packaging + 50 customers in two weeks
      #SMMSpecialistKraina #SMMM #geo-targeting #targetedadvertising #SMM #SMMPromovingsocial networks #SMM
    • Beauty Salon Beauty Salon

      Social media marketing
      Recovery of advertising 95%
      Target - The average price of the message is 1.6 (which is twice less than the previous month)
      The minimum price of the message is $0,09 and $0,013
      Maximum price - $3.38 #SMMPromovingsocial networks #instagram #targetolog #SMM-manager #smm #target #targeted #setuptarget
    • Case Child Psychologist Progress

      Social media marketing
      More than 300 sales
      Registration for consultation 5 months in advance
      2 Payment Products
    • Examples of Instagrams

      Social media marketing
      Examples of visuals that she did apart. Without a page
    • 3 USD

      Different texts

      Different texts on different topics
    • 52 USD


      Posts for Repair Sites
    • 39 USD

      Instagrama Sales Accountant

      Sales of 7 texts
    • Master of Manicure

      Social media marketing
      The number of customers is x4. Minimum budget and free promotion methods. Creating a stable customer flow.

      #SMMSpecialistKraina #SMMM #geo-targeting #targetedadvertising #SMM #SMMPromovingsocial networks #SMM
    • The restaurant. Delivery (during the time of delivery) Ukraine 2022

      Social media marketing
      The restaurant before the quarantine had to open, but the plans covered so that not to be pronounced and not to go further in the minus was made a decision to launch delivery
    • The Crafts. The consultation system. Poland in 2023

      Social media marketing
      The budget for advertising is 200 zlotys (50 dollars) + free promotional methods. The client did everything on his own under my guidance. The 23 days have been fully covered. The case will be registered 02.05 by the end of the month.
    • Accounting courses . of Kazakhstan. by 2021

      Social media marketing
      Attracting customers to online courses. In this case, free promotion methods were used, without a target budget.
    • Furniture, Russia 2021

      Social media marketing
      A long time, but very successful.
    • Certificates

      Social media marketing
      My personal training that allows you at the moment to have your own business as well as to manage a team and help in advancing others
    • Ancient unformed casks

      Social media marketing
      Without a team and mostly without a budget.

    Reviews and compliments on completed projects 2


    Thank you very much for your help. Very pleasant girl. Helped a lot to figure it out)

    6 December 2021 6 USD
    Написать пост в Инстаграм


    Хорошая получилась статья, правки приняты и быстро доработаны. Рекомендую Надежду.


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