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Maksim P.

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
11 months 2 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 1 year


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  • Landing NFT Collection

    Task: Fill a collection of 10,000 pictures, create a website. Result: Created a site on React, written a smart contract, integrated to a site, a collection of drop on a decentralized IPFS storage, added authorization option on the Metamask wallet, Wallet Connect
  • by P2E

    Task: Integrate the existing game into a blockchain and develop a token.

    Result: Created a site and written smart contracts for NFT items and token games that passed audits from Certik vulnerabilities were not found, added the possibility of authorization on the cryptocurrency site, smart contract integrated to the site, added proxying to update the smart contract after launching the contract to the network, implemented the possibility of buying tokens and NFT items from the site
  • Lounchpad

    The task is to develop a multi-chip lounchpad and a decentralized incubator protocol.

    Result: A site was created, a token in the BSC network was developed, a smart contract with the ability to steyking was written, a reference program was created, an administrator. The panel has all the necessary nodes.
  • The unique cryptocurrency

    The task is to create a unique cryptocurrency and an ecosystem under it.

    Result: Created a unique cryptocurrency from zero, just from zero on the necessary order of the principles of work( it doesn’t look like what, respectively, to make a fork was not possible) I also developed a project site, a cryptocurrency under the desktop and mobile version, a web wallet, separately I want to note SmartNodes – servers on which the wallet SmartCash works and decisions are made, multisig- means the requirement of more than one key to authorize the transaction SmartCash, the bot to users twitter/discord/twitch to send each other through comments/tweet/tweet chat, implemented mechanics, the possibility of voting of users(SMARTHIVE)
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange

    Task: Develop an ecosystem linked to the cryptocurrency exchange

    Result: Developed all the necessary nodes for cryptocurrency storage, organized high security on the server part, convenient crm project management system. The administrator has all the possibilities to manage the system, a system of notifications is implemented in case of critical errors on the stock exchange on the mail, a system backup function is implemented, an automated form of order exhibition, the possibility of filling and withdrawal with a fiat currency.
  • Website for tour agency

    Website development
    Task: Create a portal for tour.agence

    Result: Created the site, added the possibility of registration, authorization including through Google, developed the administrative panel of site management, the catalogue of events with the filter.
  • Marketplace for travellers

    Website development
    Task: Create a marketplace for travelers

    Result: Created a site, added a complex admin panel, connected payment gateway, integrated Stripe, integrated Shipo, integrated login through Facebook/Google, integrated auto-mailing system, as well as saved PWA application.
  • The site for a riller from London

    Website development
    Task: It is necessary to create a website for the Retail Services

    Result: Created a site, developed a full-fledged admin panel, added the possibility of receiving notifications to the necessary social networks, developed a filter of categories, SEO optimization, online real estate viewing
  • Website Designer Visitors

    Website development
    Task: Create a website aggregator

    Result: Created a site, added the possibility of registration, authorization including through Google, developed the administrative panel of site management, implemented the Stripe subscription, also built-in store, SEO optimization, the possibility in online mode to create a website-visit
  • Website for the broker company

    Website development
    Task: Create a website for a broker company

    Result: Created the site, added the possibility of registration, authorization, developed the administrative panel of site management, the system includes a flexible parser for quick work with external documents of companies, the division of roles by duties. Under the further development of the project are set the API connectivity mechanisms of services to provide the most relevant information for the insured person in one place.


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