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Mykola Karpenko

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Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
1 day 12 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 10 bids
age 21 years
registered for 3 months 8 days


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    Social media advertising



    • 290 USD

      Launch advertising for coach services (offline and online training)

      - Instagram placements
      - Goal: Leads
      - Budget: $800
      - Duration of cooperation: 5 weeks (1 week for preparation)
      - Result: 99 leads from ads

      Tested on 14 NGOs, targeting Cherkasy city and regional cities with a population of over 250,000, audience interested in health, sports, sports nutrition, etc.
      Creating Reels and Posts simultaneously driving traffic to the page, increasing views and interactions. Used creatives from the page and separately created material in ads, and created a lead form on the Quiz platform connecting a pixel for tracking leads on Facebook, as well as separately on the platform.
    • 193 USD

      Launch advertising service for a psychologist

      Placement in Instagram and Facebook, goal message, budget 200 bucks, duration of cooperation 1 month, result 15 free first consultations, from which 3 wanted to receive a paid psychologist program.
    • DIPLOMA "Targeted advertising specialist"

      Document confirming successful completion of a targeted advertising course on social media


      Recent proposals 10
    Facebook and Instagram Targeting Specialist
    121 USD
    Set up advertising for Instagram for eyelash extensions in Poland
    241 USD
    Meta (Facebook) Ads Targetologist
    290 USD
    I am looking for someone who can help grow an Instagram account target
    300 USD
    Promotion of the project on social networks. The goal
    241 USD
    Instagram content creation + targeting
    290 USD
    Consultation with a targetologist on social networks with experience working in Europe
    72 USD
    Advertisement on Instagram and Facebook Personal project
    241 USD
    Facebook Ads Targeting Specialist
    362 USD
    TARGETED ADVERTISING on Facebook and Instagram to attract employees
    241 USD