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Vladlen Firsov

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
1 month 2 days ago
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7 months 14 days ago
1 Client
age 22 years
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  • 200 USD

    Create a logo + banners + posts on Instagram

    The customer came with a request to create a logo, banners and posts for his online shop of clothing and social networks.

    I created a logo, banners for the whole site and developed a post for Instagram.
  • 350 USD

    Website presentation of a specialist in the field of web design

    Web design
    The site developed for itself, developing the design of Figma and making an adaptive version of the mobile device.
  • 500 USD

    Website of the venture equipment company

    Website development
    The design was created by the Figma program, and the foolishness on the ReadyMag platform, was added to optimization under mobile devices.
  • The first screens (many themes)

    Web design
    You can see my first screens here.

    Protection of the external environment
    2) Energy Drink
    The Game Boost
    4) Property
    5) Website of Visitors
    6) Property
    7) The online store
    8) Events
    9) Games in real life
  • Creative Advertisements for Instagram (Stories + Post)

    Social media advertising
    Subscribe to Instagram advertising creatives in the form of Stories and Posts.

    1) The soft toy store
    2) Advertising Company of MultiSeries
    The Neon Club
    4) Expert Services
  • Advertising creativity

    Social media advertising
    Advertising creativity on various topics:

    1) The tourist company
    2) The Technical Shop
    3) The Caffeine
    4) The furniture store
    5) School of Music
  • The website of the audit company Beeezt.

    Web design
    Create a landing page design for the audit company Beeezt.

    After creating the prototype of the site and the implementation of the design under the desktop version.

    On the landing page were created such sections:

    1) The main
    2) About us
    3) The team
    4) The prices
    5) Contact

    After the design was implemented, it was transferred to the copywriter of the company.
  • Landing page of web designer

    Website development
    Creating a black-white website for a web designer and realization of an adaptive news on the mobile device on ReadyMag.

    Creation of the Ukrainian and English version for the Ukrainian and European rings.

    The realization took place in such stages:

    1) Subsection of references/creation of a mudboard
    Creation of a prototype
    3) Creating a design
    4) Adaptation under mobile pristory
    5) The ReadyMag
  • Logo for the ABC Club Garden

    Logo design
    Design of the logo for the ABC Club/Children's Room/Children's Garden The development was carried out in accordance with the technical task, and was carried out in 3 stages:
    Creation of a logo prototype
    2) Creation of the company sign (personality)
    3) Supporting the font and final logotype implementation

    There was also a logobook of 5 slides.
  • Identity for the furniture company in Dubai

    Corporate style
    Design of company style and logo for the Neora Palace furniture company. Realization of the logo and brandbook, pebirani mocapi. Create a logo with a unique font and visual element in the form of a chair.
  • Visit website for photographer

    Website development
    The website design of creations from 6 separate blocks, which is realised on the desktop and mobile version. The page is realised on the ReadyMag design and the adaptation is made under mobile gadgets.
    Blocks of the site:
    1) About me
    2) The Gallery
    3) Studies
    4) Personality Blog
    5) Contact information
    6) Falling
  • Online shop specialized

    Web design
    The development of the desktop and mobile version of the design of the Diller's online store of bicycles Specialized. Realization from the analysis of competitors to the full design of the store with the design system, the library of components and windows:
    1) The main page
    2) Page of the product
    3) The catalogue
    4) Categories
    5) The basket
    6) About the shop
    7) Personality of the office
    8) Reversed

    #figma #webdesigner #web design #commerce #web designer #quality

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Fast, good, perfectly made logo


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