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Serhii Polishchuk

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
4 hours 9 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 21 years
registered for 9 months 1 day


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Social media advertising
Lead generation and sales

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: intermediate
English English: pre-intermediate


Design & art




  • 150 USD

    Store of branded power tools

    Social media advertising
    Work on advertising a branded power tool store.
    Case with a link to the disk.
  • 301 USD

    Car service

    Social media advertising
    Work with auto service (target, SMM, marketing)
    Link to the disk
  • 50 USD

    Instagram Shop for Couples

    Social media marketing
    Help in setting up a advertising campaign. Case on the disk.
  • 150 USD

    Lending soft toys

    Social media advertising
    The launch of an advertisement on a one-page site more detailed case can be viewed by the link.
  • 150 USD

    The Instagram Shop

    Social media advertising
    Instagrama car store.
    Case on a disk.
    The job was successfully done by the customer.


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200 USD
Setting up and managing advertising on Facebook and Instagram
150 USD
Setting up Facebook/Instagram advertising
150 USD
Setting up advertising for facebook+instagram
150 USD
Instagram Targeting Specialist (Instagram advertising setup)
150 USD
Advertisement on Facebook, Fb
150 USD
We are looking for a targetologist to set up advertising on social networks
150 USD
Comprehensive promotion of the martial arts section (Instagram, targeting, website...)
175 USD
Targeted advertising on Instagram (retargeting from the website)
150 USD
Need a competent targetologist
150 USD