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Vsevolod Osadchy

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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
7 days 13 hours ago
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    Speaker/Voice services




    • 126 USD

      The Demo Auditor

      Speaker/Voice services
      This is my demo audio book. All my records are made and processed in a professional studio. The price is indicated for a ready hour (this is only for long forms of content, for short, see another demo). The cost can be arranged in case of long-term cooperation or very long work.
    • 4 USD

      Advertising Demo

      Speaker/Voice services
      This is a demo of several advertisements in different genres. The price is indicated for 100 words (this is only for short forms of content for long sound, see another demo)


      Recent proposals 10
    Voiceover for advertising video creatives
    25 USD
    A male voice-over artist is needed! To read English phrases!
    38 USD
    Voiceover for the video in Ukrainian
    63 USD
    I am looking for a voice-over artist for audio commercials in a store.
    75 USD
    Voiceover for video clip needed
    13 USD
    Translate video from English to Ukrainian + voiceover
    88 USD
    Looking for a dictor for audio video (Youtube)
    13 USD
    Audio for video instructions in English
    13 USD
    You need a dictionary sound.
    13 USD
    Show 1 video for advertising.
    75 USD