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Valerii Gurov

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Valerii hasn't visited the service for a long time..
But Freelancehunt also employs 1161 freelancers in the category C#, who will professionally and on time complete a project of any complexity.

Ukraine Krivoi Rog, Ukraine
1 year ago
Very busy very busy
age 45 years
registered for 8 years


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  • Mechanism of print form templates in the Word format

    The Microsoft Word form template mechanism allows you to use DOCX files as templates. At the same time, no external components or other third-party means are used to form the final document. The layout allows you to submit simple text data, images and tables with a arbitrary number of lines into the document.
  • Recording of calls from the telephone server

    For the possibility of listening to 1C telephone calls available through the Cisco MediaSense telephone server, the mechanism for connecting, searching and downloading audio files of records with subsequent playback on the client has been implemented.
  • sending emails to partners

    Subsystems for sending emails to partners. Directly in 1C you can prepare the text of the message in HTML format (there is a special editor), including images. For each message, a schedule will be set for which messages will be sent. Communications are sent through outgoing e-mails and registered as interactions with partners.
  • Master Requests

    This tool is designed for developers on the "1C:Enterprise 8" platform and allows you to develop and test requests and data composition schemes in user mode. The main objective of the tool is to make the maximum convenience in the work when using configurations on managed forms.
  • Development of the accounting system on the basis of the 1C platform

    Development of the accounting system on the basis of the platform "1C:Enterprise 8.2" for managerial accounting of the enterprise. The system was created from scratch. Under the request of the customer is implemented:
    Operations for the purchase of goods
    - Storage operations
    Processing of raw materials and own materials
    - Operations on wholesale and retail sales, pricing, work with commercial equipment
    Transactions with money, applications for money spending
    Accounting of non-reversible assets
    Account of transportation
    Accounting of money movement, budget of income and expenditure, balance
    Distributed information base


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