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Anna Ignatyeva

Sleeping face
Anna haven't been to the service for a long time.
But Freelancehunt also employs 2366 freelancers in the category Website development, who will professionally and on time complete a project of any complexity.

Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
2 years ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 5 years


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  • Creation and management of advertising companies

    Contextual advertising
    Advertising companies were created in Google Ads. Search advertising campaigns have been launched. I was also connected to the Merchant Center, which allowed me to launch commercial campaigns.

    The revenue from the advertising company exceeded advertising spending 11 times.

    Cooperation continues.
  • Online shop for 2000 goods

    Website development
    Creation of an online store. The theme is furniture.
    The site was created by WP.
    Also, a feed was created for importing some goods from the marketplace to the site.
    Unique images were created from product cards to the background image of the block on the first page.
    My website was also filled with content. Google services have been connected.
    We are continuing cooperation for now.
  • 124 USD

    Working in the abroad

    Website development
    The task was to create a website from zero. At the beginning of the work, there was no company name.
    She took on herself:
    Create the name (in conjunction with customers) and the company’s logo;
    purchase of a domain;
    Buying a place in the hostel;
    Creation of the site;
    filling the site with content;
    connecting the CRM form to the site;
    The site also performed SEO optimization, but at the request of customers it (site) closed, at the time of quarantine, from indexation.
  • 198 USD

    Promotion and Advertising of Employment Agency

    Contextual advertising
    It was necessary to promote and promote a new employment agency abroad. Also provide hot leads.

    During the working period from the beginning of January to the end of February, about 2,000 hot leads were received (only from the fb advertising). As a result, each third leader brought the company from 1500 to 5000 grns.
    Also, thanks to the composed content of the plan and the promotion, the leaders came from the pages of Instagram and Facebook.
    The number of subscribers on the Instagram page has increased by 700 people.
  • Creation and SEO Website Optimization

    Website development
    The task was to create and fill the site, optimize for search edition, and also connect the #CRM system for entry and grouping leaders.
  • 99 USD

    SMM Promotion and Fill of Facebook Account

    Social media marketing
    Task: creating, managing, filling with content, keeping feedback with customers, creating andining corporate style.
    All creatives were created and edited for this page individually.
    Thanks to active leadership and feedback, the trust in the company has increased and the leaders have become more quality.


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