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Danil Koval

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
8 hours 32 minutes ago
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Lead generation and sales
Social media marketing 1

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: advanced
English English: pre-intermediate


Hello!  My name is Danil, I am a marketer/smm/targetologist with 3 years of experience.

  He has worked in various areas of marketing, including B2B/B2C sales, social networks, e-mail marketing, PR and others.

Worked with big brands and 
advertising budgets up to $3500/month

  My services include the development and implementation of strategies to promote, increase sales, increase consumer loyalty, establish a brand connection with its audiences.

  my benefits:

  • constantly in connection with 9:00-21:00

  • love to communicate with clients

  • I value my and your time – time management

  • I control the maximum number of factors

  what affect the result

  I have 3 years of professional experience and I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to a business project due to my wide range of knowledge.

  I have skills: complete digitalization of past experience, creation and packaging of a product, packaging / creation of a brand platform, development and improvement of a marketing strategy, content creation / production / SMM, advertising settings (ads Facebook), analytics.

  > you can contact me on this site by clicking on the icon next to my account > you can see my cases on this site in my profile

  City: Lviv


Audio & video



  • 500 USD

    SMAKUI - Production of distillation equipment

    Social media marketing
    Task: Make ребрендинг, prepare the page for new traffic, increase sales, increase the understanding of the product by the new audience.

    3 months to connect promoting through ADS Facebook
  • 400 USD

    The Smoky Ice Shop

    Lead generation and sales
    It was a basic task: to ensure a stable generation of ice.
    Since this is a silk niche, the companies were constantly flying away, but in some cases the result was higher than our expectations.

    The average price for the message is 10-12 grn.
    The average price for a visit to the site is 8-10 grn.
    Best results for the company 6 UAH per order (111 orders)
  • 642 USD

    German company KIDSONT

    Social media marketing
    These types of work are performed:
    Analysis of Past Experience
    Analysis of rhinoceros and competitors
    Construction of a personal strategy for advancement through SMM
    Create content for posting, and posting

    After three months of cooperation, the company decided to do ребрендинг. We are now engaged in building a new global marketing strategy.
    Updates on this project will be completed.
  • 600 USD

    The Gold Detaling Studio

    Social media marketing
    This project has been developed with a comprehensive marketing approach.
    SMM + Advertising + Influencer Marketing

    Shortly about the work done:
    1. entered the project and decrypted past experience to prevent errors that were made before
    2. developed a personal marketing strategy that was based on previous research of past experience
    Develop a SMM Strategy
    Develop a advertising strategy.
    5. set up all processes on the way of the customer, starting from "reklams" and to "requisite goods" and "to become a permanent customer"

    We work with this project and still, for more detailed acquaintance, write me in personal
  • 550 USD

    Coffee manufacturing Espako (marketer, SMM, ads Facebook)

    Lead generation and sales
    The letter project is required by a managing marketing department.

    We are working on this project in real time.

    The goal of the project: to increase brand awareness, and retail sales

    Process: we have developed a marketing strategy, we increase brand awareness and attract potential customers to follow us. On the landing page continues the discovery of the brand platform and the discovery of the most common denials.

    My duties: creating a marketing strategy, realizing all ideas through team management, setting targeted advertising, monitoring analytics.

    Link to the low page
  • 450 USD

    School of English EngForMe (ads Facebook)

    Lead generation and sales
    Goal: to get out on the KPI not more than 140₽ ROMI not less than 200% (the goal is to scale the budget to 500k/month)
    The process: the project came to me in bad condition.For four months, they worked at zero.Considering that the problem in #traffic managers( #ads #FacebookAds ) , they took them and released them with packages (cause: unsatisfactory resorts).After a week budget, I was confident that something was wrong with the garner.(Notconsidering what strategy, audience, off, creo - ice was almost not there, and they came after 3 days+)
    I asked the project manager for detailed information about each client interaction tool from "seeed advertising" to "buy" in order to verify the correctness of the work of all tools.After analyzing the entire wall, the problem was found in the sales department.It became clear why some #lids came after 3 days: because some lids didn't sound at all, and some sounded after 1-2-3 days (which is unacceptable)

    By changing a significant part of the sales department (which took just a week) and thoroughly controlling their work we came out on the indicators we needed in 6 days, and according to the plan scaled the budget to 500k/month.Thus, a wide range of knowledge me find the problem far beyond my duties.They worked with this company until February 24, 2022 and terminated the contract after the beginning of the invasion.#Targeting #Sales #FacebookAds
  • 123 USD

    Christian Open Academy (Facebook ads)

    Lead generation and sales
    It is a Christian Academy, a pretty narrow and specific niche. But, thanks to clear analysis and understanding of CA, we were able to the following results:
  • 500 USD

    “Four Chevrolet, Prosecco Bar” (CMM, Facebook ads)

    Social media marketing
    Purpose: providing traffic to the site of delivery, positions announcement, interaction with the audience, heating to visit the facility

    Photo analytics from organic coverage (post, riles, stores)
    Advertising is launched on the website (for delivery)
  • 25 USD

    Subject collection for the brand SCUBY DO (video-production)

    Video advertising
    The content was removed for advertising. The project was complex:
    SMM + Target + Production

    You can get acquainted with the project management case on this site in my profile.
  • 400 USD

    Company for the production of combo "SCOBY DO" (SMM manager, ads)

    Social media marketing
    This project has two objectives:
    1 . Find distributors and familiarize them with the product so that they put it on the plate of their facilities
    The 2nd Guiding a page for buyers to the retail (style is not specified)
    The process: it was clear that we cannot realize two goals at once, because each of them has its own audience and specificity. The maximum we could do to shorten the time is: revealing the value of the product we did through stores, riles, and carry in post, but at the same time the visual we built exactly for the purpose #2.
    It was proposed by me, and approved by the owner - that the visual should show the youthfulness and relevance of this drink. Therefore, a collection took place and a visual in the style of "Street style" was built.
    After the built-in visual and illumination of all the necessary information in the current we immediately began to drive traffic with the purpose of searching for partners.

    #cmm #smspecialist #smm marketer


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