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Yury Ryzhih

Offer Yury to work on your next project.

Ukraine Poltava, Ukraine
21 days 21 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 49 years
registered for 7 years


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    Photo processing


    Design & art

    Audio & video



    • 5 USD

      Change the color of the blues

      Photo processing
      Change the color of the blues to the color that the customer has provided in the form of the material they produce.
      Replace the bulbs with those that the customer has sent.
      Increase the size of the photo by adding a background on the topic " Photo Session " + add the missing parts of the body.
      I made 10 bluses in one color and 10 bluses in another color.
    • 5 USD

      Retuche for the Graduate Album

      Photo processing
      and retouched.
      Replacement is the replacement of background.
      Drawing the details of the costume.
    • 5 USD

      Retuche for the Graduate Album

      Photo processing
      Reduction / frequency disruption.
      Plastic - a reduction in the shape of the face, a shell without the loss of the general face.
      the rigidity.
    • 12 USD

      The Hat for Etsy

      Photo processing
      The hat for Etsy.
      Worked in several variations / styles.
      They stopped on that.
      My pictures are the seller of a familiar customer.
    • 10 USD

      Dry Art

      Photo processing
      1 . Replace the background / make a couple of background options to choose.
      2nd Change the color of the eyes.
      Three Make a stamp for printing.
      Processing in the style of Drim Art. More than 1000 portraits for printing.
    • 1 USD

      Replacement of background / retouch

      Photo processing
      Replacement of background / retouch
    • Treatment of Model

      Dinner + a small retouch
    • 1 USD

      Change of the color of jewelry

      Photo processing
      Change the color of the jewelry.
      Removing the ockant.
      and retouched.
      Experience in clothing processing 5 years.
    • 1 USD

      Change of Color

      Photo processing
      Change the color of clothes or clothes.
      I do the processing at an affordable price.
      Experience in this processing 5 years.
    • Replacement of background + retouch

      Photo processing
      I do this processing regularly:
      Really put another background.
      scratches, wrinkles, circles under the eyes, etc.
    • 3D inscription ( Coffee)

      It was written in three variants, colors, styles.
    • Clothes for women from the Dolce store

    • Shop for VK (Internet Shop of Spices)

      He offered two options of work.
      The final version for https://vk.com/maroma
      This is my option, the final option is the other option.
    • Cutting + Processing

      Photo processing
      The task:
      Cut the machines
      Remove the reflection of the plate on mirror details
      Painting the mirror in the right color.
      Listen to + add brightness
    • Reduced photo

      Photo processing
      Photo processing model + three banners for the site and for sending
      The task:
      Cut out
      Whitening the teeth
      Adding a glow to the eyes
      Colour Correction


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    Development of banners for social networks (Instagram) Personal project
    49 USD
    Animate one element in the photo
    20 USD
    Processing photos in Photoshop
    54 USD
    Replace the color in the icon in PowerPoint
    12 USD
    Apply the name of the restaurant and the logo to the apron.
    12 USD
    Photoshop photos with the addition of digital elements
    25 USD
    Clean up the object in the photo and overlay it on a different background
    7 USD
    Create 3 infographic layouts following the example.
    12 USD
    Preparation for printing RGB images
    12 USD
    Change/redraw the common photo for application to the monument
    12 USD