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Tetiana Gurkivska

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
26 days 19 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 2 months 18 days


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Experienced full-stack developer with six months of commercial experience at a Spanish company, specializing in Vue.js for frontend and Python for backend development, with proficiency in vitest for testing. Additionally, completed a two-month university practice at a Ukrainian company focusing on Node.js projects. Extensive portfolio of pet projects includes web applications such as internet blogs (built with Express), library management systems (utilizing React and Express), and medical center management platforms (developed using React and Express).




  • Libreria

    Application programming
    Libreria is a website that allows users to read books. The project has a 3-tier architecture. The server was developed on the basis of the Express framework, the client is based on React and uses MongoDB as a database. The project has 2 roles: administrator and user. The administrator can add another administrator, add and delete books. The user can create an account (including with the help of Google and Facebook), and after authorization, read books and manage lists ("I want to read" and "favorite").


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