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Alla Radchenko

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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
1 month 23 days ago
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11 months 10 days ago
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Project management

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Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: advanced
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  • Strategy for the promotion of the brand under the info guide: Oil

    Social media advertising
    The goal 1. Attracting new audience / Increasing sales
    The goal 2. Increased loyalty of permanent buyers
    List of actions
    Channels of Communications
    Direction of Creativity

    There are several mechanics.
    At the same time, one does not exclude the other and they can be as united, as well as corrected in accordance with the current resources.
  • Portfolio of SMM/Presentation

    Social media page design
    This portfolio contains some of my SMM projects. I am focusing on the psychology of interaction with people.
    It is important for me to ensure the effectiveness of projects that trust me. In fact, creating quality content and SMM is first and foremost a tool to improve business performance.

    After 24 February I thought about my citizen position and refused to all the projects that had to do with the Russian Federation (this were the majority).
    I’m creating content and I’m engaged in SMM promotion since 2014.
    A lot of projects are long-lasting. My partners and clients often recommend me to my acquaintances.
    Why ? It is an individual approach to each project. I appreciate the fruitful and long-term cooperation.
  • Viral Role for Social Networks

    Project management
    Viral role for social networks #project #branding #smm #Contentmaker #content
  • Presentation Role

    Posts Tagged ‘aftereffects #motion
  • Presentation Role

    #aftereffects #motin #motiondesign #animation
  • Presentation

    Presentation development
    Collection of content, layout, creation of #Presentations #powerpoint #pdf
  • Flash Sheet

    Flash page #flash #flash animation
  • Flash Sheet

    Flash page #flash #flash animation
  • Design of a branded container

    Project management
    Design of a branded container
    The Branding
  • Development of corporate style for corporate social networks

    Social media marketing
    Development of corporate style for social networks of the company : storage, avatar, etc.
    #SMM #SMM-formulation #smm-strategy #smm-copy #SMM
  • Creation and Organization of the Festival

    Project management
    Organization of the festival from scratch (idea, location, partners, artists, show-program, presentation of the coffee brand, competitions, quests, prize play, etc.)
    #project #events #branding #pr
  • Interior Painting

    "Heaven above Rome" Holst, oil, Pictures on order
    #interior #painting #art @c.apr.ediem
  • Dawn over Rome. Oil on canvas

    Dawn over Rome. Oil on canvas
    40 x 50
    We must have the courage to admire.
    We must be stubborn to be happy.
  • Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse. 28.5 x 28.5 Canvas, acryl and texture
  • The Surf. Canvas, acrylic and texture.

    Painting: acrylic, hollow, textur table, lak
    Art # Painting # Painter

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Thank you very much for cooperation! She kept aware of the status, answered questions on the project, all the corrections were made to obtain the result, comfortable communication. Additional information was offered, which enhanced the result.

18 May 2020 14 USD
Проект менеджер на ЗОЖ проект


Отличный проект менеджер. Начали сотрудничать в рамках подбора персонала. Компетентна, всегда на связи. Продолжаем сотрудничать


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