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Anastasiia Dashchenko

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
3 days 13 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 3 bids
age 20 years
registered for 1 year


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Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: advanced
English English: elementary





  • Advertising creative for the Ukrainian brand "SMASN"

    #creative #creativedesign #instagram #adversiting
  • Advertising Creativity for the cosmetic brand "UNICO"

    #creative #creativedesign #instagram #adversiting
  • Landing page for the online single-thinking club "The Club"

    Website development
    #Landing #LandingRage #site link #webflow #figma #web design #webdesing #figma/webflow #Landing #LandingRage #web design #webdesigner #websites #baner #copywriting #desigh #landingpagedesign #landing #figma #education #courses #webdesing
    During the development of the Landing Page for the online single-minded club "THE CLUB", I carefully conducted a competitor analysis to identify unique elements and opportunities to be distinguished among similar platforms.Further, exploring the target audience, I discovered their personality and expectations to create a Landing Page that meets their needs and interests.At the prototyping stage and the creation of a black and white version of the site, I identified the approximate location of blocks and text to provide a logical structure and a convenient user interface.This improve the user’s interaction with the platform and facilitated the perception of information.The selection of references played a key role in the formulation of stylistic decisions, taking into account the current trends and expectations of the target audience.This stage allowed to avoid possible differences in the conception of the design and to define the general style for the "THE CLUB".During the design phase I created an effective and attractive landing page look that reflects the club’s unique character and advantages.Furthermore, it made the line and adaptation under the mobile version, providing uninterrupted access to the platform for participants, regardless of the device they use.
  • Landing page for SMM courses

    Web design
    #Landing #LandingRage #Web Design #webdesigner #websites #baner #copywriting #desigh #landingpagedesign #landing #figma #education #courses #webdesing
    During the development of the Landing Page for SMM courses I performed a large amount of work, starting with a detailed analysis of competitors to identify the key features and benefits of our product.Furthermore, through a deep analysis of the target audience, I identified their needs and expectations to create content that attracts the target group to the most.In the second stage, I created a prototype and a black and white version of the site, in which I determined the approximate location of blocks and text.This to determine the structure and logic of the page before moving to the design phase.To ensure community in style and aesthetics, I used a selection of references.This stage ensures that the design meets the customer’s expectations and avoids possible misunderstandings.Finally, at the design stage I incorporated all the previous stages into my own unique and attractive Landing Page design, aimed at attracting the attention of the target audience and increasing the sales conversion of SMM courses.The entire text for the site was designed by me to illuminate as accurately as possible the advantages and features of our SMM courses for potential customers.


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