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Andrey V.

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Ukraine Cherkassy, Ukraine
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  • 2000 USD

    Website catalogue of modular houses VozugerHouse

    Website development
    Developing a dual-language functional website catalog for VozugerHouse

    A attractive and comfortable interface of the site with a design that reflects the quality and modernity of the modular houses offered by the company. Site creations on the platform with the possibility of scalability and the ease of content management. Special attention is paid to the user convenience (UX/UI) for the optimal interaction of users with the site.
  • 2500 USD

    Online store of professional hair cosmetics Beauty Code

    Web programming
    The development of an online store for the famous representative of top professional brands for hair care Beauty Code

    We emphasized the minimalist and attractive design, which reflects the style and brand Beauty Code. Comfortable interface for user interaction with the site, introduced an interactive catalogue of products, order processing system, integration with payment systems for convenient purchase, as well as synchronization with the accounting program. The result of our robots became the modern and attractive online store Beauty Code, which allows customers to easily find and acquire professional hair cosmetics. Our web studio is always ready for further development and support of the site, to help customers their business goals.
  • 2300 USD

    Minoko Professional Cosmetics Online Shop

    Website development
    Development of the online store of professional cosmetics for brushers and lachmakers

    Modern adaptive site with individual design, two-sided synchronization settings with 1C for download and automatic product update. Multivitability, multivitability, setting on the website of international delivery. Connecting SMS information about created orders, contextual advertising.
  • 1100 USD

    Site of Ink Hart

    Website development
    Creating a website for a tattoo studio

    A stylish and minimalist, multi-language tattoo studio site allows you not only to present a high level of master’s qualification, but it is also a tool for communication with a potential customer. All types of services and portfolio are placed to increase the level of confidence in the future client of the studio.
  • 900 USD

    Online shop about coffee

    Website development
    Creating an online store for the sale of crawl coffee.

    Modern and adaptive design, created individually under the specificity of the business. The ergonomic and easy-to-use site About Coffee allows you to make an order for the delivery of coffee and pay it on the site using a connected internet equering.
  • 58 USD

    Online shop of moms

    Website development
    The Internet shop of baby clothes "Mama Kupi"

    Individual website design, creation of unique design and synchronization of the internet platform with the accounting program of Torgsoft. Automatic downloading and updating of goods from the Torgsoft base. Connecting SMS information about created orders and connecting online payments.
  • 3600 USD

    Commercial Real Estate Portal of ANBC

    Website development
    Development of the online portal for sale and rental of commercial real estate in Kiev

    Create a unique multifunctional portal.
    Creating a multi-level catalog of real estate with the possibility of filling with announcements with structuration in the districts of the city, metro stations and types of operations. Set the level of access depending on the rights of the manager. Connecting SEO Tools.
  • 33 USD

    The online store “Motosvit”

    Website development
    The development of the modern internet store of motor loads, with the function of automatic charging and renewal of goods from the price lists of suppliers. Adaptive design.
  • Reservation system “Aurum Auto”

    Website development
    Development of the website on timely rental premium cars with a driver in Kiev. Adaptive design, simple and ergonomic administration panel.
  • The Internet magazine “Kinesiomed”

    Website development
    Development of the internet shop of shoes and goods for rehabilitation. Manual filling with cargo positions, connection to online chats. Adaptive design. Set up a advertising campaign to promote in the Google search edition.
    #Opencart #website #internet store #web sites #site
  • Corporate website with ticket purchase system

    Website development
    Create a corporate website with a unique online ticket sale feature. Generating QR codes with subsequent mailing to the client. Advanced order management system.
  • Internet store B2B “Globus”

    Website development
    Development of the internet store, B2B portal of office goods synchronization with 1C, connection of services online payment and SMS information. Adaptive individual design, simple and ergonomic administration panel.
    #b2b #Opencart #internet store #web sites #site
  • The Internet shop of Santechnic "Interior Boutique"

    Website development
    Creation of an online store with manual filling of goods, connection of the online payment service.
    The Internet Store
  • 13 USD

    The Carpaty Express website

    Website development
    Developing a modern website for the transfer company. Connecting to online chat. Unique adaptive design. Create contextual advertising to promote the site in the Google search edition.


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