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Anton Muhanov

Teamwork makes the dream work
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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Web programming

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: fluent
English English: pre-intermediate


Good day!

My name is Anton, and I'm an expert in front-end development, the head of the Gtrix Studio team.

My specialty:

I'm capable of transforming your idea into a profitable and creative solution that stands out of the line.

I have got 3+ years experience in website development.

You can expect high-quality results, clear and ethical communication, attention to details, aesthetic eye, and personalized, professional and friendly service.

My skills:

🔥 WordPress/Woocommerce, Twig, PHP, Laravel, SQL.

🔥 HTML5 / CSS3, SCSS, TailwindCSS

🔥 Досвід роботи з Git;

🔥 JS, JQuery, AJAX, Nuxt.js


HTML5&CSS3 - Certificate

Javascript - Certificate

Gtrix Studio

Gtrix Studio's mission is to be a driving force in technology for our customers. By bringing together the most talented specialists, we create unique products that change the world. For our clients, we are not just a provider of IT services, but a close partner. Our success consists of the achievements of each person in the company.

Website development:

  • Creation of an online store
  • Landing page development
  • Creation of a corporate website
  • Development of a business card site
  • Creation of an Internet catalog

SEO promotion:

  • Web analytics
  • Site performance tracking
  • Semantic core
  • Content optimization
  • Blog promotion
  • Technical optimization
  • Referral strategy
  • Position tracking

Development of corporate style, identity and branding:

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Letterhead design
  • E-mail template design
  • Banners
  • Social networks
  • Illustrations/icons

Website of the web studio: https://gtrix.com.ua/

We implement:

✅ Professional approach

✅ Adherence to clear deadlines

✅ 24/7 on call

✅ All specialists of the Middle level and above

✅ Individual approach to everyone

✅ High-quality and harmonious site design

✅ Adaptability from desktop to mobile devices

✅ Have a green rating in Google Speed

✅ Special administrative panel

✅ Full content management from the administrative panel

✅ The structure is designed for SEO



  • Synstars corporate website

    Website development
    Synstars has been helping companies with advertising in the market for several years now. They operate worldwide but are most prevalent in the US. Synstars specializes in display and performance advertising. Synstars specialists have priority access to alpha and beta testing of new types of campaigns, audience solutions, strategies and creatives. They specialize in digital placement and digital marketing of the highest quality. The task of the agency is to form knowledge about the brand, reach the target audience on the Internet and stimulate potential customers to the target action – go to the site, download a mobile application or make a purchase. The digital agency offers clients 3 comprehensive services of the highest quality, which you can now see on their website.
  • Lux Milanoo online store

    Online stores and e-commerce
    Development of an online store from the USA.
    The site has a lot of functionality. There is also a personal account, a subscription program for discounts on goods, a procoms, a convenient shopping cart, and more.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Landing Salute Mix

    Website development
    Bright, light and laconic design. This is a one-page website that encourages the visitor to take action: buy the product. This page presents the product, removes objections and leads the user to the target action.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Koren Home corporate website

    Web design
    A corporate website for a company that specializes in modernization and creation of high-quality houses.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Landing Lux Molion

    Website development
    The company has been providing impeccable comfort and safety to its customers for over 10 years. The fleet of executive business class cars and minibuses allows us to provide the best service in a short time.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • RMH corporate website

    Website development
    RMH GENERAL TRADING is interested in the economic prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
    The management of RMH GENERAL TRADING emphasized that they continue to invest in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and over the past few years such investments have amounted to tens of millions of dollars.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Agrotek corporate website

    Website development
    Agrotek-Invest has been operating in the Ukrainian agricultural machinery market since 2008.
    The company's strategy is to serve customers as quickly and efficiently as possible through a developed service network, providing a full range of products and services that can meet customer needs.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Landing Image Vision Travel

    Website development
    Development of a Landing Page for a travel company.
    We also made spectacular animations and a high-quality adaptive for mobile devices.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Mantinga online store

    Online stores and e-commerce
    Development of an online store for a company specializing in bakery products.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Corporate website Catering

    Web design
    Разработан дизайн для корпоративного сайта Кейтеринг.
    Компания специализируется в приготовлении качественных и вкусных блюд.
    Дизайн выполнен в Figma.
  • Landing Mirjam Wigs

    Web design
    Landing page for a company that specializes in the production of high-quality wigs.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Corporate website for a cargo transportation company

    Web design
    Design for a company specializing in cargo transportation.
    The design was made in Figma.
  • Landing page for cryptocurrencies

    Website development
    There are many projects and tokens in the cryptocurrency world. And the idea of creating a community-driven ecosystem is not new. But the main problem with all these projects is that they are run by developers.
    The design is made in Figma.
  • SwissWatch online store

    Online stores and e-commerce
    Development of an online store for selling cool and high-quality watches.
    The design is made in Figma.
  • IT LINE corporate website

    Web design
    Design for an IT company from Europe. It is made in a minimalist style with an emphasis on modern design trends.
    We paid attention not only to the design, but also to the interesting interactive features on the website. This attracts customers of all ages and industries.
    Also, clear ui/ux design is a very important component of good quality work.
    The design was made in Figma.

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2 February 2023 244 USD
The FIGMA Maket


Самый терпиливый разроботчик который выполнил все пожелания клиента и предоставил поддержку по любому вопросу.

Рекомендую к сотрудничеству

28 August 2022 12 USD
Create a new website design


The design is not bad, but the tasks are not resolved.


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