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Andrii B.

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Machine learning
Hybrid mobile apps

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Українська Українська: fluent
English English: advanced
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  • Website “Space Journey”

    The website was created for the student as a course project.
    HTML / CSS / JS / JSON
  • Mobile app “Car Sharing”

    Dart (Flutter), backend PHP (Laravel) and PostgreSQL
  • Identification of tonality of comment

    Shi techniques are used to automatically determine whether the text contains a positive, negative or neutral mood. This method can be applied in different industries, such as social networks, feedback on goods or services, analysis of public opinion, etc. Tonality determination helps to automatize the process of studying feedback and the audience’s reaction to certain events or products.
  • Online chat

    The journalist. The errors that occur both on the server and on the client are carefully fixed in the log.log file. If you find a failure, it will automatically be added to the journal. You have enough to give it to us for correction.

    A wide range of users. One server can receive a large number of connections from users, limited only to the capabilities of the server itself.

    and universality. The program is optimized to work on any operating systems that support Python and Qt.

    Simplicity of use. The interface of the program is easy to understand, even if you don’t know what’s a ‘server’ or ‘port’. All operations are done intuitively, making the program very convenient in use.
  • Segmentation of objects

    Identification of objects. and the car.
    PyTorch, OpenCV and Python
  • The site of the game of chess with the SI engine.

    HTML/CSS, JS, PHP, Python, Tensorflow

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 1

18 January 748 USD
Developing a sentiment model and achieving the best result


The project is done quickly and efficiently. Andrei was always on the contact quickly bringing the necessary directions. With certainty, you can claim that a specialist knows his business well and can solve difficult tasks. The project was completed for a month faster than planned time! I strongly recommend and will look again to create new projects!


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