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Sofiia Berezhna

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
1 month 1 day ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 22 years
registered for 3 years


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Social media marketing 4
Social media advertising 6

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: fluent
English English: pre-intermediate



  • 300 USD

    The Molli UA Ammunition Store

    Social media marketing
    We have been working for 2 months and we continue to work together.
    The customer realizing that his average check is above $100, decided to invest normally in advertising.

    We invested $2600 and received 508 purchases on the site with an average check of $100-150
    Thus, the customer's reward rate came out in the area of $2500+

    Thank you for confidence, we continue to work.


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