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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
12 дня 12 часа назад
Available for hire available for hire
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5 месяца 6 дня назад
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  • C/CPP
  • Rust


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Apps for Android
C and C++


As a Software Engineer, I have gained extensive experience in utilizing technologies such as C++, Java, and various other tools. During my professional journey, I had the opportunity to work on a project where I developed a sophisticated product aimed at automating price updates for all types of documents. The successful implementation of this application yielded remarkable outcomes, including a significant 10% reduction in company expenses and a notable increase in overall productivity. By leveraging my expertise in C++, git, firebase, QT, and MySQL, I ensured seamless integration and efficient automation of price updates, positively impacting the company's operations.

In addition to the price update automation project, I undertook the responsibility of creating an intuitive application that facilitated monitoring and task assignment for employees within the organization. This application played a pivotal role in enhancing work efficiency by providing a centralized platform for tracking tasks, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring progress. By combining my technical skills in C++, git, firebase, QT, and PostgreSQL, I successfully implemented this application, empowering the company to streamline its internal processes and optimize workforce productivity.

Furthermore, as a valued developer, I actively contributed to the creation and refinement of functionality for both AOSP and vendor products. Collaborating closely with the development team, I actively participated in design discussions, providing valuable insights and suggestions for enhancing the products' features and overall performance. By utilizing a diverse set of technologies, including C++, Java, android sdk, gerrit, and jenkins, I contributed to the ongoing improvement and evolution of the products.

During my time as a C++ Developer, I had the opportunity to support a dynamic project focused on managing mobile facilities, including trucks and cars. Taking the initiative, I led the migration of the application to cutting-edge technologies, such as C++, boost, С++builder, RAD Studio, git, and svn, ensuring scalability and future readiness. Additionally, I successfully created new functionality based on client requirements, effectively augmenting the system's capabilities and addressing specific business needs. Moreover, I optimized technical processes, streamlining the development workflow and resulting in improved efficiency in terms of both time and resources. The successful outcome of these efforts was reflected in enhanced operational efficiency and improved performance of the project, enabling effective management of the mobile facilities.

Within my role as a C++/Java Developer, I actively contributed to the development of user-friendly interfaces, ensuring intuitive design and seamless user experiences. I also played a crucial role in implementing database interactions and data management functionalities, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of critical information. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, I actively gathered requirements and delivered practical solutions that met their specific needs. Following best practices, I consistently wrote clean and maintainable code, contributing to the overall quality and stability of the projects. Participating in the entire development lifecycle, from concept to deployment, I ensured the successful delivery of robust and reliable software solutions. Regular code reviews and close collaboration with the team further strengthened the development process, fostering a collaborative environment focused on excellence.

Overall, my diverse experience in software engineering, combined with my proficiency in C++, Java, QT, git, firebase, and other technologies, has equipped me with the skills to deliver innovative solutions and drive positive outcomes. I am committed to leveraging my expertise to overcome challenges, optimize processes, and contribute to the success of future projects.

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Mobile development


  • 500 USD

    The FPM

    Apps for Android
    It is designed for the company Dominos. Which them automatize the work with data on internal competitions

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30 июня 68 USD
Software Key for Application, Win10, QT, C++


The work was done well, done quickly, I advise to collaborate.

Stepan Litvinenko | Персональный | Ответный отзыв


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