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Dmitro Voytishin

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
2 months 19 days ago
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registered for 11 months 24 days


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  • 3000 USD

    The telegram-bot uses the SI to help students.

    Bot development
    The Guru
    Project Description: poli_guru_bot is #python-telegram-bot

    The appointment:

    The telegram-bot "POLI.guru" is designed to help students understand the teaching materials, solve tasks and provide useful clues from different subjects.The functional:

    Artificial Intelligence from #OpenAI: The bot is equipped with advanced Artificial Intelligence from Open AI, which provides high-quality and informative answers to students’ questions.Profile for class and subject: Users can set the profile by indicating their class and subject that allows the bot to provide personalized materials and tasks.Storage of communication history: The bot keeps the history of communication with each user, making it easier to return to previous questions and answers for a deeper understanding of the material.Reference Program: Users can invite their friends and receive bonuses or discounts on using the bot thanks to the reference program.Payment Acceptance: Bot supports Payment Acceptance, allowing users to pay premium functions or additional consultations.Disclosure Notifications: Users can set a disclosure to receive reminders of future lessons or tasks.Multi-language version: Bot supports several languages, making it available to a wide audience of students around the world.Stage of Technology:

    Python: The robot is developed in Python programming language that provides high productivity and flexibility.

    .- Aiogram: To create a bot interface and interact with the user, the Aiogram library is used.XML: XML is used to structure data and exchange information between the bots and the servers."POLI.guru" is an innovative educational add-on designed to help students in their learning.With its help, students can easily obtain the necessary information, tasks and tips that make the learning process more efficient and interesting.Thanks to modern technologies and artificial intelligence, the "POLI.guru" bot becomes a reliable assistant for all schoolchildren.
  • 50 USD

    Translations from RSS to Telegram Channel

    Web programming
    Scenario in the #Make service for the #RSS file processing.
    The algorithm of the scenario:
    Read new messages from the line.
    - Translation by #openai
    - Image Generation #OpenAI #DALL-E
    Posts in #telegram


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