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Dmitro Z.

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Ukraine Odessa, Ukraine
13 hours 46 minutes ago
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2 months 7 days ago
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  • node.js
  • landing page
  • React
  • redux
  • Website development
  • Full Stack Javascript Developer


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Web programming

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Greetings on my profile page! 

My name is Dmitry, and I am a Full Stack developer specializing in building web applications and websites using JavaScript (ReactJS, Node.JS). I have over 3 years of experience in this field. 

I also have experience with WordPress.

Why should you choose me?

In my work, I adhere to high-quality standards and strive to provide you with the results you need. 

My professional approach includes:

  1. Business-oriented: Specializing in web development to help grow and strengthen your business.
  2. Meeting deadlines: I respect your time and always work within the agreed-upon deadlines.
  3. Active learning of new technologies: I guarantee the use of modern and effective technologies in your project.

My technology stack includes:

  • JavaScript (ES6+), TypeScript,
  • React JS, Next JS, Redux Toolkit,
  • Node JS, Express JS,
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB,
  • HTML, Pug,
  • CSS, SCSS,
  • Gulp, Webpack, Vite,
  • GitLab, GitHub,
  • WordPress,
  • Figma.

Collaborating with me is not just about development; it's about creating a solution that supports your business goals. Let's make your project successful together!

Sincerely, Dmitry.



  • A turnkey website designed for JavaScript developer.

    Web programming
    The project is currently in active development. Engaging in this project serves as a source of inspiration and creative self-realization for me. Showcasing it in my portfolio serves as a strong motivator, propelling me towards a quicker and higher-quality execution of each stage in the project.

    #nextJS #typescipt #i18next #formik #React #nodeJS #node-telegram-bot-api #webpack #versel
  • Turnkey website for Eurasian Trading Group

    Web programming
    Collaborating closely with the designer, we crafted a distinctive turnkey website for Eurasian Trading Group on the WordPress platform. Our team developed an exclusive template using jQuery, ACF, Custom Post Types, HTML, SCSS, and Gulp technologies, ensuring a high level of functionality and visual appeal for our clients.

    #wordprees #HTML #sass #jquery #Javacript #pug #acf #YoastSEO #iThemes #ES6
  • Turnkey website for "Tula Walnut"

    Web programming
    In close collaboration with the designer, we brought to life the 'Tulsky Nut' web project on the WordPress platform, employing technologies such as jQuery, ACF, Custom Post Types, HTML, SCSS, and Gulp. Utilizing these tools, we crafted a unique template tailored to match the distinctive character and specific needs of Tula Nut, ensuring both functionality and visual delight.

    #wordprees #HTML #sass #jquery #Javacript #pug #acf #YoastSEO #iThemes #ES6
  • Turnkey website for a veterinary clinic.

    Web programming
    Together with the designer, we created a unique website for a veterinary clinic—a perfect combination of functionality and minimalistic design. Based on the WordPress platform and implemented using jQuery, ACF, Custom Post Types, HTML, SCSS, and Gulp technologies, the project provides maximum user convenience and efficient content management for the clinic.

    #wordprees #HTML #sass #jquery #Javacript #pug #acf #YoastSEO #iThemes #ES6

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A great team, I want to work together.

23 February 13 USD
The Wordpress


Thank you very much to the executive.
He has done a lot of work before the scheduled deadlines.
Always on contact, even at 10 pm can help in urgent order!
A clear recommendation)


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