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Denis Filippov

Offer Denis to work on your next project.

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
4 months 3 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 39 years
registered for 8 years


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Online stores and e-commerce 1






  • 894 USD

    A cool service.

    1 was created.
    Updated the structure of the site.
    The front-end is built.
    They made a bac-endn.
    5.Make integrations, delivery and payment.
    6 They set up and launched.
  • 638 USD

    School No. 55

    Analysis of market.
    1 Technical tasks.
    I made a logo.
    Develop the structure of the site.
    3.3 The design of the website.
    4 have functional.
    5 The integration.
    Improved, optimized and launched.
  • 766 USD

    Just water

    1 was created.
    The structure and the prototype.
    Create the website design.
    4 have functional.
    Implemented integrations, payment, delivery of analytics.
    Improved, optimized and launched.
  • 638 USD

    and Seven.

    1 Technical task.
    2 Design of the site.
    3.Development of the website design.
    4 Distribution of functional.
    5. integration with the mail.
    Testing and publication.
  • 1277 USD

    Plugin for WordPress, which adds the form of the Elementor Pro Plugin

    CMS installation and configuration
    The task:

    Create a plugin for WordPress, which adds the form to the plugin Elementor Pro with additional fields and settings, using which data from the form will be sent to the CRM system of the order and create orders there. Also to keep all orders in the Elementor orders.

    The solution:

    It was created a plugin fully compatible with the settings and functionality of the Elementor Pro forms, which added 21 additional fields in the settings of the forms, sending and creating orders in the CRM order, and keeping all orders in the Elementor orders.
  • 300 USD

    Wordpress Contact Form 7 with Dynamic Data

    The task:
    The customer has a website with a network of medical clinics partners across Ukraine, which is actively developing. Partners register on the customer’s website and leave their data, such as area, city, email address. Visitors to the site who want to leave the application for medical procedure should see in form all the areas, cities and addresses in which there are partners clinics. And the form should automatically attract all partners, that is, if the visitor has chosen the Kiev area, then only cities from this area, in which there are partners clinics, are displayed. Once the application is made, the data requests are sent to the customer’s email and the partner’s clinic.

    The Decision:
    A script was written on jQuery, which using Ajax requests addressed the WordPress database of the site and dynamically updated the lists in the application form, depending on which area and city the site visitor chose.
  • Create a WordPress + Elementor website

    HTML and CSS
    Create a website with WordPress + Elementor
  • Website development with WordPress + Elementor key

    Website development
    Developing a new design, rebuilding a site structure and creating a site in Wordpress + Elementor
  • Transfer site from CMS Joomla to CMS WordPress + Elementor

    HTML and CSS
    Due to restrictions on updating some extensions and functional restrictions in Jommla, it was decided to move the site to WordPress + Elementor.
  • Website development, WordPress + Elementor

    Website development
    Design, Web Design using CMS WordPress + Elementor
  • Landing of the book “You’re just WOW”

    HTML and CSS
    The edition of the Lending book “You’re just WOW.” Author: Anita Lucenko and Svetlana Fus
  • The website “Austrian plate in the style of loft”

    HTML and CSS
    Posts Tagged ‘Austria’ in the style of loft’ on CMS WordPress


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