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Anna Matveieva

Offer Anna to work on your next project.

Ukraine Chernigov, Ukraine
7 months 10 days ago
A little busy a little busy
registered for 5 years


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    • Access Control and Control System - 3 solutions from Qualvision

      The text proposed by a SEO specialist has been re-righted. The text is optimized.
    • LCD monitor for video surveillance (the description of the Internet category)

      Description of the category "Video monitoring" Qualvision. This is a SEO text. The semantic core was provided by a SEO specialist.
    • 8 USD

      How intelligence services can calculate your mobile or a little bit about the privacy

      Information article for the blog store of security and video surveillance equipment "Agent-007" (Odessa). The article was ordered and published in connection with the tension of the situation in Ukraine at the beginning of this year.
      Attention ! The article is not sold. The amount paid by the customer.
    • Infotext about the theft of electrical samokats in Lviv

      The article is dedicated to the problems of the stealing of electrosomatoes in Lviv. The best way to protect the mine is to install a GPS tracker. Describe the possibility of the device. At the end of the text - the call to acquire a GPS tracker from the company GoTrack.
    • SEO-Text for Online Marketing Course

      SEO-text for the online marketing course published on the PROFREEWORK Academy of Remote Professions page.
    • SEO text for the main page

      SEO-text for the main page of a company specializing in building wooden houses from brush to key.

      #Domizbrusa #Tree House
    • Insurance in Ukraine in 2021

      Article for the promotion of the insurance company "Krajina".
      The text describes the main trends of the insurance market in 2021. The list of the most sought after services among the customers of insurance companies.

      # Insurance #OSAGO #CASCO
    • Italian furniture by Gianni Taccini

      Italian Furniture
    • Micro Loans: Features of Design

      The Microwave
      #micro loan on the map online
    • KUBOTA Minitractors: Japanese on the Fields of Ukraine

      #Minitrator #Agronomy #KUBOTA


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    Description of the product for the site, re-reating of the goods in the field of business
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    Copy for the child development website (Ukr language)
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