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Stanislav Gorbov

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Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
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  • 241 USD

    Tablets case Ukraine

    Contextual advertising
    Roas 2000%
  • 241 USD

    How I closed the client's need in 16 days using Facebook Ads

    Social media advertising
    How I closed the client's need in 16 days using Facebook Ads
  • 121 USD

    ROAS 2625% in two months of bathtub sales

    ROAS 2625% in two months of bathtub sale
  • 241 USD

    Cases for a sports nutrition store in Ukraine

    Cases for a sports nutrition store in Ukraine
  • 121 USD

    Sales funnel implementation in GA4

    Sales funnel implementation in GA4
  • 241 USD

    Google Shopping case_ purchases increased from 0 to 20 per day i

    Google Shopping case_ purchases increased from 0 to 20 per day in drop-shipping clothing sale.
  • 241 USD

    Casey from e-commerce

    Contextual advertising
    Portfolio of E-commerce Case Studies

    1. Sales Funnel Optimization

    Goals: Increase conversion rates by 30%.
    Strategies: Implement A/B testing, personalize email campaigns, optimize product pages.
    Results: Conversion increased by 35%, exceeding the set goal.
    Lessons: Analyzing user behavior helped identify critical drop-off points and adapt marketing activities accordingly.
    2. Implementation of a Multichannel Strategy

    Goals: Integration of online and offline sales channels.
    Strategies: Inventory synchronization, unified CRM system, localized marketing campaigns.
    Results: Overall turnover increased by 20%, improved customer satisfaction.
    Lessons: Effective data management is key to success in multichannel commerce.
    3. Launching a New Product for

    Goals: Achieve a 10% market share in the first 6 months.
    Strategies: Extensive online advertising, influencer campaigns, SEO optimization.
    Results: Market share reached 12% within the first 3 months.
    Lessons: Engaging influencers contributed to rapid brand awareness growth.
    This portfolio showcases our experience and approach to delivering successful solutions in the field of e-commerce, considering the needs and expectations of our clients at every stage of the project.

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31 May 48 USD
Set up Looker Studio


All good, quality work. Specialist is in touch, fulfilled all wishes.


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