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Kostyantin Sharykin

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Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
1 month 23 days ago
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4 years ago
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C and C++
C# 2

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  • 5 USD

    Check the registration of numbers in the telegram

    #C #.NET #Telegram
    This program verifies whether the phone is registered in the telegram or not. More detail can be read on the link.
  • 12 USD

    Translation of numbers into different extinction systems

    This program is written in C# with the use of WPF technology. The program translates from the binary, eighth, decimal and sixteen numbers into the binary, eighth, decimal and sixteen calculation systems.
    #Sharp #C# #WPF #.NET
  • 10 USD

    Course work

    C and C++
    The course work on #C++, which encrypts the text by different algorithms.
    The Course

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Per the feedback will come a bit sublime, just in such cases it is hard to write something quietly.Constantine appeared to be a very interesting person.He said it was in principle to complete the project because it was his last work as a freelancer.For all the time (more than three months) this executor sent me only three screenshots, wrote about some details and everything.Per partly this is my fault that I trusted a student who was constantly withdrawing the job and saying that he had a failure in teaching, etc.So why did we agree on the project?I don’t understand.If he’s going to write a response, let him write what he wants.This project for me was the first on this site.And, as they say, the first blin com.Also my mistake was that I agreed to carry a telegram.I thought, “If this is the way, it will be even more comfortable.”Constantine responded almost always with delay.I have not been on the site for more than two months.He has not been on the internet for a week.Because of my excessive confidence, I was in this situation.I'm sorry that I contacted him.I even asked him directly whether to expect something from him at all or is it worth contacting other specialists.He said he would do everything.If he had done everything, I’t have written this comment.HTTPS://youtu.be/dVkyeH8nH6M - video with a letter in Telegram (a little old, but I think it's all so clear).by P.S. The reviews showed not how, but tried objectively (even I don't pay attention to the positive feedback on him in the profile).

2 December 2019 7 USD
You need to make a Docker template.


I don't know everything, but try, the criticism does not react in the stick and it's very pleasant, I'm going to contact again - I recommend


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