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Illia F.

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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2 years ago
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Social media advertising
Contextual advertising
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Contextual advertising
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Outsourcing & consulting




  • 197 USD

    ViaFlorelle - flowers shop

    Social media advertising
    E-commerce project with target KPI – ROAS. Setting Facebook and Google ads campaigns. Destination country – USA. The budget was approximately 6500 USD/source.
    Goals are reached:
    Website purchases - 91
    Cost per purchase – $69
    Roas – 9.5
  • 148 USD

    Sales of small goods B2B/B2C segments

    Contextual advertising
    Advertising campaigns to maximize the conversion value. The launch of the Merchant Center, search campaigns for the main categories, dynamic search company. Sales all the time through the site’s basket (+30% of orders through the phone call).
  • 250 USD

    Makrae – the promotion of the YouTube channel

    Contextual advertising
    The YouTube hip-hop channel is performed by Makrae (Brother T-Fest). Promote music videos to increase awareness. Work done: search video optimization, writing text description, account moderation, selection of tags for video. Set up and launch advertising campaigns on topics, keywords for goods and cast audiences In-Stream, Discovery.
  • 148 USD

    Sales of self-service terminals and complements

    Contextual advertising
    Set the merchant center (+ smart merchant), dynamic remarketing. The manufacturer of the terminals of the account. The average check is $1200. Application for 30 days - 23. The B2B segment.
  • 173 USD

    Alexander Usiq - search + google shopping

    Contextual advertising
    The official website with the marcho (wear) of Alexander Usik. Advertising campaign to search for Canada/US/Russia. Google shopping, dynamic remarketing, setting advertising in the context-media network. The goal is to maximize ROI.
  • 168 USD

    FB/Inst Advertising Campaign Business Automation Systems

    Lead generation and sales
    The company is engaged in the development of business automation systems. Wending equipment, automated parking, electronic line systems. The average check is $1800. The task is to generate lead. The average cost of the application is 999 rubles. Three sales.
  • 121 USD

    Sales of Fb/Instagram Courses

    Social media advertising
    Selling of cooking courses on the wheel. Guided people for a free workshop, then converted to sale. Started RK on the audience by interests, similar to the audience, wide.
  • 148 USD

    FB/Inst Landscape Design Campaign

    Social media advertising
    Design of Landscape Design. The average check is $1400. Campaigns on conversions on the site, direct messages and traffic on the site are launched. The price of the leather - 747 rubles The number of applications - 24. The price of one address of the target customer in messages is 307 rubles.
  • 148 USD

    Configuration of RK in FB, conducting the Payment Terminals campaign

    Social media advertising
    Create an advertising company on FB. The company with a complex product is the rental of a payment terminal. The task is to gather leaders, not to the office, but to the gate in the CRM. The price of hot leather in the end is 577 rubles. Work done : installation of FB Pixel on the site, setting events, domain confirmation, setting RK, development of banners, A/B audiences tests, playments, creatives

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 3

28 March 2022 6 USD
Consultation on Target


Everything went greatly. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

31 January 2022 25 USD
Advertising with a ready feed


Excellent contractor, available explains all processes, operational work.
We recommend cooperation!

19 January 2022 7 USD
Cleaning Google Ads Search Requests


Pleased with cooperation. Everything was done in advance and quite quality. Thank you, I will contact you again!


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