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Kamil L.

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Poland Rybnik, Poland
1 month 30 days ago
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  • 1630 USD

    Professional website design

    Web programming
    I am a professional website designer with experience in creating websites for companies, non-profit organizations, real estate professionals, financial companies, service providers and not only. I specialize in web design using WordPress, WIX, Bootstraps and PHP.

    My websites are fully responsive, 100% secure and work perfectly on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. I will focus on creating websites that reflect your industry and are easy to understand for visitors. I can create information services, target sites, e-commerce and web applications.

    We have a high quality of work and fast communication. I worked at Midday, TheStartUpStory and ED for providing the best website design services.
  • 868 USD

    Website of the e-commerce store

    Web design
    Do you want to start a professional and attractive online store? Don’t look forward! Thanks to my knowledge of Shopify, WordPress and custom design, I will create a stunning e-commerce site tailored to your brand. From adjusting the order to optimizing the user experience, I will make sure that your online store stands out and attracts customers. My services include responsive design, secure payment integration and SEO optimization to increase visibility. By focusing on the development of the e-commerce store, I will help you build a strong online presence and increase sales. Let us work together to realize your vision!


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1196 USD
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28 USD
Design of Presentation
56 USD
Applications for Flutterflow
1087 USD
Content manager, developer
543 USD
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Design of a visit card for a real estate agency
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