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Maksim Okutin

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Ukraine Lvov, Ukraine
5 hours 6 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 8 bids
age 20 years
registered for 9 months 24 days


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Design & art



  • 2500 USD

    Avana - Crypto Blockchain Traiding Platform

    Web design
    Avana is a website and platform where you can immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies and trading, with the help of our project you will get to know the new Web 3 technology. There will be a function of monitoring cryptocurrency, the possibility of buying it, the platform has everything you need for convenient trading and the ability to instantly sell cryptocurrency. Avana - a step into the future!

    Our platform has the ability to trade and monitor cryptocurrencies, a simple and clear interface will allow you to quickly understand trading, as well as buy and sell coins through a crypto wallet.
  • 1100 USD

    Thunderclaw - Modern Collaborative SQL Editor

    Web design
    Been looking for a tool to use SQL for a long time,where you can work with various popular tools while building your tables, Thunderclaw is a tool where you can connect to 50+ of the most popular tools using SQL to create custom workflows. Schedule it to run at any time and with any frequency, but that's not all because here you can work together with your team.

    Thunderclaw is a tool that allows you to connect to 50+ of the most popular tools using SQL, and this platform has the ability to work together with your team online.
  • 1200 USD

    Polit - Mobile application for calling a taxi

    Web design
    Pilot mobile application is a convenient taxi service where it is enough to enter a mobile phone number to book a car for a comfortable trip. Here you can manage the trip as you like, a convenient way to communicate with the driver, and the ability to view your trips.


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