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Mariia Honcharova

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Ecuador Quito, Ecuador
10 months 27 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 27 years
registered for 1 year


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    Українська Українська: fluent
    Русский Русский: fluent
    English English: advanced
    Español Español: advanced
    Português Português: advanced



    • PT Um service de marketing specialized to promote LinkedIn

      Marketing and promote your LinkedIn. Working in Portuguese I can do both your CA share in Portugal and Brazil, etc. There are linguistic differences. The work is done in deadlines, maximum originality, no Google translators.
    • ENG Creating content for a construction company in Canada

      Here is an entry for the site that sells construction services in Canada. The work is done quickly, in accordance with the TZ. Absolute originality, without water. The correct and selling technical description of the services of the construction company.
    • ENG Home decor promotion and marketing for the Shopify platform

      Implementation of the project according to the specified criteria, delay, description and keywords. I guarantee the full originality of the text and also provide a high degree of creativity and readability. My services allow you to create quality content that will meet your needs and meet the needs of your audience.
    • 16 USD

      Copywriter Promocion TikTok likes (Spanish, Spanish)

      The work was done in accordance with the deadline, criteria and description, the necessary keywords, absolute originality, creativity, readability. 3000 thousand symbols without a gap of $18


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