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Volodymyr Lugovyji

Offer Volodymyr to work on your next project.

Ukraine Dnepr, Ukraine
18 hours 20 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 4 bids
age 43 years
registered for 11 months 6 days


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HTML and CSS 2
Web programming

Language Proficiency Level

English English: elementary



  • 77 USD

    The store

    HTML and CSS
    Website template under the internet store. Ready to transfer to the CMS, or simply set the customer's needs. Minimum styles - need to add their own.
  • 77 USD

    Kaysaki and Swimming

    HTML and CSS
    Website template for rental and sale of sports swimming pools. Canyons, canyons, boats and more.Adaptive site, modern design.
  • 77 USD

    Website of the building company

    HTML and CSS
    Multi-page website template, modern design. Adaptive on all devices.
  • 38 USD

    Авто школа Дніпро.

    Web programming
    Сайт скопійований зі старого Англійского сайту. Відтворена анімація, слайдер, парралакс , JS функції. Для desktop.
  • 77 USD

    Property agency in Daytona

    A website on WordPress. Their theme.
  • Tasty food

    Order food through the Android app. The possibility of scrolling horizontally and vertically, several pages, removal - the supply of goods, the supply of the shopping cart.
  • 13 USD

    Android is a design.

    This is a software for Android, for this work - visible design.


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