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Nadiia Batrynchuk

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
4 months 27 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
registered for 7 months 9 days


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Web design 3
HTML and CSS 10

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: upper-intermediate
English English: intermediate



  • Banner for drying

    The Banner.
  • Banner for the Jeans Shop

    The Banner.
  • Banner for the checklist.

  • Banner for the cosmetic store

    The Banner.
  • Banner for Pizza

    The Banner.
  • Banner for the shops

    The Banner.
  • Banner for a well-known Tagretologist

    He developed a banner for a famous targetologist.
  • Design for the American Clinic

    Web design
    Hello to you!I'm called Hope, and I'm proud to share with you the latest achievement - a completely new website design for LA Clinic.The entire development process was filled with innovation and attention to the details.I decided to define the standards of a new era of health care that combines quality of care and kindness.I made an emphasis on navigation ease, intuitivity and accessibility of information.Whether you are looking for general information about our services, need more detailed information about our medical staff, or you want to learn about the latest technologies, you will be able to find everything with ease.Thanks to the design, I am looking to reflect my commitment to advanced technologies and the highest standards of patient care.Each element of the site reflects our deep attention to the details and the desire to provide you with the best.
    If you have any questions, comments or reviews about our new website, please do not hesitate to contact me.I’m always open to communicating and ready to improve my services for your comfort.Thank you for your support and trust.Let our new site be a reflection of our common desire to the best health for you and your family.With the best wishes,
    The Hope
  • Website Design for Household Engineering

    Web design
    I invite you to the world of innovation and comfort!I am very pleased to share with you a new project.Each detail of this site is carefully thought out so that you can enjoy shopping with maximum comfort and confidence.My goal is to create a place where you can easily find the most modern refrigerators and household equipment for your home.I put a special emphasis on a convenient interface, where each product is presented with the attention to the details.You will be able to carefully look at the specifications, read reviews and compare models to make the best choice.My design reflects your company as a leading player in the industry.Clean lines, fresh colors and intuitively understandable interface make purchases as pleasant as possible.I carefully approached the choice of each element to create an atmosphere of confidence and modernity.I’m very proud of the results of my work and I believe that the new website design will add more attractiveness to your brand and help customers find what they’re looking for.If you have any questions or comments about the new design, please do not shame to contact me.With the best wishes,
    The Hope
  • Website on WIX

    Web design
    The website is created on the WIX platform. She made the corrections to the website for a video-montage from Dublin. She also performed adaptations, animations and hobbies.
  • Website of the Investing Company

    Web design
    Design for the Investing Company.
  • Website for CryptoCourse

    Web design
    Create a website design for the crypto course.
  • Site under key for car service from the US/Los Angeles.

    Website development
    Developed a website design for car service from the US/LA. He created his own design in the Figma, then transferred to Wordpress. He also created a logo for the site.
  • Design for the shop of lamps

    Web design
    Welcome to the world of light and finest design!In the "Liampone" store, we understand how important the right lighting is for you.We are committed to the mission to help you create a magical atmosphere and comfort in your space.Our range contains a variety of lamps - from economic LEDs to elegant vintage light sources.Every lamp in our store is a true light art.We take care of the quality of each unit of the product so that you can enjoy their seam and durability.Our design solutions will help you find a lamp that fits perfectly in your style and emphasizes the uniqueity of your interior.Are you not sure which lamp will be better?Our experts will be happy to help you with the choice and advise the optimal lighting for your room.Go to "Liampone" and let the light fill your days with joy and tranquillity.We will open new horizons of lighting before you and make your space more quiet and exciting.Liampone- we see the world bright with you!
  • Design for the AITI Course

    Web design
    I'm called Hope, and I'm glad to present you my design for this exciting project.Thanks to my IT passion and my web design skills, I spent a lot of time and effort on creating aesthetic and functional design for this course.When developing design, I sought to create an attractive and easy-to-use interface that will inspire and encourage students to active learning.Using modern web design trends, I provided a convenient navigation experience and attracted attention to key information elements.My design includes attractive color palettes that help create a positive and energetic atmosphere on the site.In addition, I carefully considered the location of the content and its interactiveness to ensure convenient access to information and maximum attraction of visitors.I added appropriate graphic elements and illustrations that emphasize the theme of the course and help visually communicate its advantages and value.Each page has its own unique atmosphere, adapted to a specific content and goal.I also considered the adaptability of the design so that the course was available on different devices and screen sizes.Using responsive design, I have provided the optimal look and functionality of the site on any device, whether it is a computer, tablet or smartphone.I hope my design will like you and will help to attract the attention and interest of your visitors.I'm proud of my work and I believe it will be an effective tool to promote your exciting ITI course.Thank you for your attention and I invite you to get acquainted with my portfolio and other work to learn more about my skills and creative approach.I am ready to join your team and jointly realize your vision in the best way.With respect,
    The Hope


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