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Oleksandr Hryhoriev

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Ukraine Kharkiv, Ukraine
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    • 234 USD

      ROAS 6.58 on the test MVP product on the market in Poland

      Social media advertising
      The case with the MPV test product on the market in Poland.

      Key goal: to understand the cumulative and CPA in the new market.
      Advertising Platform: TikTok
      Geo: Poland

      It managed on the 2nd day of launch to find a job communication and turn the test advertising budget with ROAS 6.58.
      The test passed successfully, the main launch will be in May, as the company opens in and a large shipment of goods is made for damages to Poland.

      If you want to improve the results in your advertising, write to Direct
    • 418 USD

      258 is. UAH from 0 on new Instagram page

      Social media advertising
      Case of sale of seasonal special goods on the Ukrainian market

      Key goal: increased sales + brand formation
      Platform for Advertising: Meta
      Marketplace: Ukraine

      Almost a new page with no content with a very compulsory KPI at $3 per sale, with an average check of $800.

      A professional content and a packed profile was created.
      Testing different formats of advertising.
      Processed methods of increasing the conversion from Tickets/Ice to Sale.

      Daily reporting.
      Not counted in the report, several sales within 1 order. (This is wrong)

      It managed to make 322 sales, with a price of $4.37 for sale

      We are preparing an offer for the spring-season.

      If you want to improve the results in your advertising, write to Direct
    • 2000 USD

      Case with the brand Shopify e-commerce project on the US market

      Social media advertising
      Key goal: maximum cumulative, brand formation through perfomance marketing
      Platform of Advertising: Target
      Marketplace : USA

      Realization of a set of measures to work with the structure of advertising campaigns, analysis and detection of the best connections (perfomance, creative, communication).
      I work with Advantage+ campaigns. (Must have in 2024 for any ecom)

      Work is carried out on the increase of the average check (AOV) using upsale and cross-sale methods, as well as special offers on the site.

      Use of constant tests in the communication of corners and forms of creativity.
      Use of global trends in advertising materials (e.g. Barbie)
      Use of creatives with influencers and different creators in the UGC format

      The greatest complexity, analysis and tracking of omnicality data with the help of third-party analytics.

      Plans for 2024. Try to work with a new trend - Ugly creatives. Transition to a smaller number of campaigns and greater budgets after them (recommendation from the Meta team)
    • 492 USD

      Case of sale of seasonal goods on the European market.

      Social media advertising
      Key goal: maximum total
      The advertising platform was the TikTok vibration.
      Markets: a number of countries in Europe

      Due to the absence of sufficient quantity of content material, were used moushn solutions adapted under TicToku trends, as well as UGC content.

      The complexity of the TicToku robots lies in its instability, especially on large budgets. A lot of different launch methods, even arbitration, were tested, which unfortunately lowered the narrow ROAS, but gave an understanding of the optimal launch under the skin country.
    • 689 USD

      by Anitas Brand

      Social media advertising
      The company has set itself the task of covering the market share in the
      Region of the UAE

      Goal: developing a website on the SHOPIFY platform, increasing sales through Facebook

      What was done?
      - a website developed on the SHOPIFY c platform with cast solutions;
      - launched Acquisition traffic;
      a communication strategy under cold and hot traffic;
      - installed Pixel Fb/cozdan catalog under dynamic advertising.
    • 344 USD

      and brand

      Social media advertising
      The Ukrainian manufacturer who emphasizes the mass market. It occupies one of the key positions in the female clothing segment.

      Goal: Increasing sales with Facebook in the absence of the site

      What was done?
      Scripts of sales for direct sales;
      traffic is launched for the purpose of “communication”;
      The most effective form of advertising.
    • 241 USD


      Social media advertising
      A company that is careful
      To implement their products using the latest technology to create jackets.

      Goal: Increase sales with Facebook in the winter season. KPI = up to $5 per purchase

      What was done?
      - developed communication under Aquisition traffic;
      Segmentation of cold and warm traffic.
      A large call-to-test for entry into the KPI
      Working with budget optimization
    • 310 USD

      The Light4home

      Social media advertising
      The company adopted a vector to scal and conquer the Western markets. The first new market for the company was the Czech Republic.

      Goal: Increase sales through Facebook advertising on the Czech market

      What was done?
      Acquisition and Retarget Traffic
      - launched retargeting wardrobe taking into account different time cycles (30, 90 days) and stages of wardrobe (looted baskets, buyers, loyal buyers).
      the LAL campaign;
      - installed FB Pixel, c cast events
      Create a catalogue for dynamic advertising
    • 640 USD

      The Japanese Auto

      Social media advertising
      Autojapan’s main specialization is the breakdown of the leading brands of Korean and Japanese cars.

      with the subsequent sale of original car parts of previous use.
      Goal: Increasing brand recognition in social media, keeping a page on Instagram, increasing sales

      What was done?
      Acquisition and Retarget Traffic
      - launched retargeting wardrobe taking into account different time cycles (30, 90 days) and stages of wardrobe (looted baskets, buyers, loyal buyers).
      the LAL campaign;
      A comprehensive strategy for social networking.
      Configuration of profile and meaning
      daily use of socks. The networks

    Reviews and compliments on completed projects 3

    19 March 37 USD
    Fb by advantage+


    Thank you, a very good specialist gave benefits more than I expected)


    The advertising campaign was carried out in time, quality and taking into account all aspects of the promoted product!
    I recommend cooperation!

    8 March 2020 12 USD
    Advertising Consultancy


    All at a high professional level.
    I highly recommend.


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