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Darina Sasko

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
20 hours 29 minutes ago
Available for hire available for hire
1 Safe completed
1 month 22 days ago
1 Client
added 8 bids
age 23 years
registered for 6 months
  • дизайн
  • SMM
  • контекстная реклама
  • instagram
  • таргетированная реклама
  • таргетинг
  • Оформление соц. сетей
  • Adode Photoshop
  • smm продвижение
  • Реклама в Facebook
  • SMM-менеджер
  • SMM реклама
  • продвижение instagram
  • таргетированная реклама instagram
  • facebook таргетированная реклама


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Social media marketing
Social media page design

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent


Design & art

Audio & video




  • 1 UAH

    The Reviews

    Social media marketing
    SMM and Target
  • 5000 UAH

    Targeted advertising. A personal brand.

    Social media marketing
    The purpose is to recognize the brand. A psychologist expert. A Month Signature + 800
  • 5000 UAH

    Targeted advertising. The furniture store

    Social media marketing
    Purchases through INST and FB.
    Since the test period, there have been 20 sales, advertising is working to today. Sales increased x6
  • 1000 UAH

    Content Plan for the Zoo

    Content management
    point A- to increase target audience ( the beginning of 11 subscribers ), familiarity with a new brand, sales x2, diversify sales content
    Point B - the month of work: live audience +182, sales to today.
  • 2000 UAH

    Візуал сторінки в інстаграм

    Візуал сторінки в Інстаграм для будь яких ніш. #сммспециалистукраина #смм-маркетолог #смм #інстаграм
  • 2500 UAH

    Налаштування таргетованої релками ФБ

    Результати налаштування таргетованої реклами. #Онлайн-маркетолог #фейсбук #інстаграм #таргетинг #ретаргетинг #таргетолог #таргет #смм #сммспециалистукраина

Reviews and compliments on completed projects 1


With the Instagram account, everything was fine, the visual was very pleased.
- Ads were difficult with setting because our niche was new to Darya, and the advertising did not give results for a long time.
- With the video and photo installation, everything is great, Daria has always dismissed a lot of options, and also didn't be afraid of criticism and made creative if we didn't like it.
- Writing texts as well as everything perfectly Daria described all posts and riles
The work report developed analyzed the work very often and made new decisions after the analysis.

In general, Darya's work liked a person very creative and stress-resistant, but on target and advertising you need to stretch your skills, as advertising did not give results, and was set to the broad audience and to the narrow, when reinstated, advertising began to give its first results to the end of the period.


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Assistance with the Instagram account
4000 UAH
Support and promote a page on Instagram for an expert.
6000 UAH
Set a Facebook Target
6000 UAH
Targeted Advertising for Startup on Climate Change
6000 UAH
SMM Specialist for Personal Brand. Content by Meaker
8000 UAH
Creating and Creating a Page in Instagram
1000 UAH
We are looking for a targetologist and SMM specialists to promote the tattoo salon
7000 UAH
Targets of Instagram
2500 UAH
You need a SMM specialist to run 2 pages of the Instagram
10 000 UAH
Configuration of the FB and Instagram Advertising Account
3000 UAH