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Denis Vedentsov

Offer Denis to work on your next project.

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
4 days 17 hours ago
Available for hire available for hire
added 15 bids
age 35 years
registered for 9 months 3 days


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Animation 1
Animation 1

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: intermediate


Audio & video


  • 45 USD


    Audio and video editing
    Please create a Graphic Animation post for the SolarCon brand.
    Text for this post will be provided by the SMM manager in the comments.
    Please add SolarCon and SolarExclusive logos.
    Format: 9x16 (main information and elements should be placed in square format)
    Also, please create a thumbnail for the video. Add thumbnail at the 1st frame in the video.
    I believe it will be good to collab with Solar Exclusive branding.
  • 8 USD

    The ascending valleys

    In this logo you can put absolutely any inscription.
  • 13 USD

    The flowing logo

    In this work I made the morphing effect - when the inscription turns into a sign
  • 13 USD

    Welcome to

    This #Animation-Mush is #Logotypes and in compatibility with my start in the #motion career, at first glance this animation will seem simple but by creating figures in the #3dmax space, it looks voluminous, and the neon flow of color, characterize something futuristic.


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