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Timur Hudiyev

Sleeping face
Timur hasn't visited the service for a long time..
But Freelancehunt also employs 5092 freelancers in the category HTML and CSS, who will professionally and on time complete a project of any complexity.

Azerbaijan Баку, Azerbaijan
2 years ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 31 years
registered for 7 years


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Design & art



  • Site of Autoservice

    Web programming
    The site works on the Yii2 framework. A set of all pages has been made and moved to the engine, the forms are provided without re-starting the page. A unique admin under this project has been developed with user roles, wide functionality and flexible setting.
  • Website of the dental clinic

    HTML and CSS
    A list of all pages has been made and transferred to the WordPress system.
  • Creative Agency of Full-Cycle Presentations

    HTML and CSS
    The site has made a #verst of all pages and developed a #animation of transitions between blocks and individual pages.
    #HTML #CSS #Javascript
  • The LK Forum

    Web programming
    It was made #verst #animation pages with further transfer to #Wordpress
    Metrics are also connected and a #online calculator is developed specifically to the customer’s needs.
  • Tourism of ARX

    HTML and CSS
    Tours #html #HTML #CSS/HTML #javascript #JavaScript/jQuery
  • Online designer for building a home

    HTML and CSS
    Free online designer for building a home
  • by Naples

    HTML and CSS
    The Security Organization
  • Delivery of flowers

    HTML and CSS
    Delivery of flowers in Chelyabinsk
  • Profoods

    HTML and CSS
    The food delivery site


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