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Anatoly Beluha

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
1 month 7 days ago
Available for hire available for hire
age 34 years
registered for 2 months 10 days


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Package design
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  • My clothing brand | LOGOTYPE | CORPORATE IDENTITY

    Corporate style
    Logo and brand identity designed for a clothing brand. The design is professional, modern, stylish and unique.
    Logo and brand identity designed for a clothing brand. The design is professional, modern, stylish and unique.
  • Posters on the theme "Love"

    Print design
    Creating posters on the theme of love is a creative process aimed at expressive conveyance of emotions and feelings associated with love. The design of posters can include various graphic elements such as hearts, flowers, couples, symbolism reflecting love and happiness. The color palette can use delicate and romantic shades such as pink, red, purple, or white, emphasizing the emotional warmth of love. It is important to create an attractive and emotionally charged design that can evoke feelings and interest in viewers and create an atmosphere of romance and tenderness.
  • Tea Design | Tea Design

    Corporate style
    Creating a design for "Carpathian Tea" is a process that combines the traditions and naturalness of the Carpathian Mountains with the aesthetics and practicality of packaging. The design can reflect characteristic elements of the Carpathian nature, such as mountain peaks, pine forests, streams of clean water, and traditional Ukrainian motifs. The color palette may include natural shades of green, brown, and white to reflect the naturalness and freshness of the product. Additionally, it is important to consider the convenience and practicality of the packaging so that consumers can easily use the tea and store it according to their needs. For example, the packaging may have airtight locks or divide the tea into portions for convenient brewing. As a result, a design is created that reflects the unique character of "Carpathian Tea" and attracts consumers' attention to the product.
  • Creating packaging for "Straw"

    Package design
    Creating packaging for "Straws" is a creative process aimed at creating an attractive and functional design that reflects the uniqueness of the product and attracts the attention of consumers. The packaging for "Straws" can be bright and with attractive graphic elements that convey the concept of freshness and ecological friendliness of the product. Additionally, it is important to consider the convenience and practicality of the packaging so that consumers can easily take the "Straws" with them and use them at any time. For example, the packaging can have a convenient protective lock or can be made from environmentally friendly materials, emphasizing a healthy lifestyle and environmental consciousness of the brand.
  • Website for smart home system

    Web design
    Creating a website for a smart home system is the process of developing a web platform that allows users to remotely control and monitor various aspects of their home through the Internet. This site may include an interface for controlling lighting, heating, air conditioning, security system, and other smart devices, as well as the ability to view energy consumption statistics and other home parameters. It is important to provide a convenient and intuitive interface for users so that they can easily manage their smart home from any device with Internet access.
  • Football Website | Football Website

    Web design
    Creating a football website is the process of developing a web platform aimed at providing fans with access to up-to-date information about football events. This site may include news, reports, match statistics, schedules, information about teams and players, as well as the ability to discuss events in the football world. It is important to create a convenient and attractive design to ensure ease of use and satisfaction for football fans visiting the site.
  • Posters for an internet provider

    Print design
    Creating posters for an internet provider is a process aimed at visually attracting attention and communicating key services or promotions. These posters should convey the speed, reliability, and convenience of internet services, using modern design and appropriate graphics. They may include information about connection speed, available plans and offers, as well as contact information for ordering or obtaining additional information. Each poster should be easily perceived and memorable, attracting the attention of potential customers and contributing to increased sales of internet services.
  • Urban Threads | logo of a youth clothing brand

    Corporate style
    Creating a logo and corporate identity for a youth clothing brand is a creative process aimed at reflecting modernity, individuality, and style of the target audience. This includes choosing appropriate colors, fonts, and graphic elements that will emphasize the uniqueness and energy of the brand, as well as creating a logo that will be easily recognizable and memorable. Each element of the corporate identity should reflect the values and character of youth culture, contributing to the formation of a strong and attractive brand image.
  • Flyer of a medical product

    Print design
    Design of a flyer for a medical product requires special attention to details and clear expression of key information.
  • Visual identity of Dobra Hrinka

    Package design
    Design of packaging and development of the logo for the company "Dobra Hrinka" is carried out with great attention to detail and a focus on conveying the values and brand identity.

    The logo of the company "Dobra Hrinka" can be presented in the form of a stylized image of a fruit or vegetable garden, reflecting a healthy lifestyle and connection with nature. The color palette of the logo can use green, yellow, or other natural and fresh colors to emphasize the naturalness and ecological nature of the company's products.

    As for the packaging design, it can be organic and aesthetically pleasing, using natural materials and a minimalist style. The packaging can have a convenient and functional design to store products according to their needs and ensure their safety and freshness. Graphic elements on the packaging may include images of fruits, vegetables, or other natural motifs that emphasize the organic and natural character of the products.
  • Brand book for a charity organization, logo, identity

    Corporate style
    Brand book of a charitable organization is a key document that defines the visual style and identity of the organization. Its aim is to ensure consistency and unity in all communications and materials of the organization, which contributes to increasing awareness and recognition of the brand.

    The main components of the brand book of a charitable organization include:

    1) Logo and its usage: Clear guidelines on the use of the logo of the charitable organization on various media, including printed materials, website, social media, etc.
    2) Color palette: Definition of the main colors used in the organization's design, as well as their shades and usage methods.
    3) Fonts and typography: Guidelines on font selection for different types of text, including headings, text content, and other elements.
    4) Graphic elements and style: Definition of styles and graphic elements used in the design of the organization's materials, such as backgrounds, borders, images, etc.
    5) Standard templates and design: Standard templates for different types of materials, such as brochures, posters, postcards, etc., to ensure consistency in appearance and style.
    6) Tone and communication style: Guidelines on the tone of voice and communication style of the organization in different media channels and situations.
    7) Examples of usage: Samples and examples of using brand elements in different contexts for clarity and visualization.

    The overall goal of the brand book is to ensure that all internal and external representatives of the organization can equally use brand elements and contribute to positive awareness of the charitable activities of the organization.


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