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Veronika Hodunova

Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
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Social media advertising
Lead generation and sales

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Outsourcing & consulting


  • 369 USD

    Targeted Advertising: Design Course

    Social media advertising
    Results for a month:

    Advertising budget - $2335,0
    The sale - 27
    Price of sale: $86.5
    The cover - 301236
    Showing - 949369
    Clock - 2899
    CPC - $ 0.8
    The sales amount is $9573.4
    Roosevelt 4.1

    Customers addressed the goal of increasing the awareness of their school’s design courses and increasing the sales of courses.
  • 394 USD

    Targeted Advertising: CBD Products

    Social media advertising
    During 5 months of work:

    Advertising budget – $2,988,31
    Applications - 853
    The price of the application is $3.5
    coverage - 207 284
    Showing - 627 010
    Click - 4 892
    CPC – $0.6
    The sales amount is $38,325
    The Roos 12.8

    Starting from zero, we increase the budget every month. The main task was to find the target audience and the product from the range to receive quality applications on a constant basis. Currently, we are constantly receiving requests that we are converting to sale. They also set up analytics and launched advertising on the site.
  • 369 USD

    Targeted advertising for a psychologist

    Social media advertising
    During 1.5 months of work:

    Advertising budget – $698.96
    Applications - 1663
    The price of the application is 0.4$
    Number of pages: 125 292
    Showing - 249 706
    The Clock - 1982
    CPC – $0.3

    The client came from another agency with a blocked advertising office, without the possibility of linking the new RK to the Instagram. The task of advertising was to increase the number of subscribers and the recognition of the customer. They launched advertising with different interests on messages, receiving from 30 to 50 direct messages per day. GEO showed advertising - Kazakhstan. She launched the messages in direct and sent free gadgets for subscription.
  • 369 USD

    Targeted Advertising for Baehr Cosmetics

    Social media advertising
    The goal is to increase the number of sales and the promotion of Instagram. No advertising was launched before.

    Advertising budget – $2847
    The sale - 298
    Price of sale: $9.5
    Closed - 171 181
    Showing - 1 112 407
    Click - 16 844
    CPC - $ 0.17
    The sales amount is $11957.
    Roosevelt 4.2

    I have launched a catalog that gives the best results. It went on stable sales and a good ROAS. She launched an Instagram ad and gathered the audience for retargeting to the site. He also promoted courses for sub-training.
  • 369 USD

    Targeted advertising for the cosmetic salon

    Social media advertising
    During 2 months of work:

    Advertising budget - $1384.4
    Selling – 32
    Price of sale: $43.3
    of 109062
    Viewed by: 308715
    Closed - 1628
    CPC - $ 0.85
    The sales amount is $5399.3
    The Roos 3.9

    The main request is to increase the number of new customers and the number of records. They worked with targetologists before, but did not get the desired result.

    Start our work with 3 procedures in a different price segment to determine your target audience. The most we expected the result from budgetary and average price procedures that suits everyone. But, as the practice has shown, the most successful campaigns were with expensive procedures. Customers who came to them not only paid more, but also stayed in the clinic and registered for other procedures and services. On the contrary, the customers who came to the budget procedures were no longer returned.
    With each month the ROAS grows.
  • 369 USD

    Advertising: Furniture on Order

    Social media advertising
    During 2 months of work:

    Advertising budget – $1010,0
    Price for a message - $6.4
    of 49774
    Showing - 106041
    Closed - 507
    CPC – $1.99

    Customers have addressed the goal of increasing their business awareness + increasing the number of new customers and orders. No advertising was launched before.

    Tested different audiences (wide, interns, LAL based on customer base). The best works with the LAL auditorium. Tested different variants of creatives, you can with certainty say that in this niche the static works badly, the video gives a much better result.
  • 369 USD

    Targeted Advertising: Sales of Bioadditives and Bands

    Lead generation and sales
    Projects - Biodiesel - Vitamins

    Purpose: Sale by catalogue
    The cost is $4,985
    Number of purchases: 2756
    Purchasing price: 1.8
    CTR – 5.7 percent
    ROAS – 5.8

    Revenue: $28476
  • 246 USD

    Targeted Advertising: Selling Tables for Work Standing

    Lead generation and sales
    for August:
    • Advertising budget: 55 615 grn
    Number of sales: 35
    Revenue: 541 364 UAH
    Customer price: 1,589 UAH

    Every month we continue to increase our turnover and raise our budget.
  • 246 USD

    Targeted Advertising: Sales of premium clothes from linen

    Social media advertising
    In three months of work it was:

    Purpose: the letter
    Total expenditure: $2 782,53
    Sales amount: $10316
    Applications: 1913
    Price per application: $1.45
    ROAS : 3.7
    Average check for sale: $85.3

    Giving recommendations on content + sales script to increase sales
  • 295 USD

    Sales of clothes in Insta (Test Week)

    Social media advertising
    Advertising for Instagram clothes!
    They launched a test traffic to check the conversion to the sale based on NEW content.

    The cost: $455
    Number of Applications: 563
    The sale: 117
    Sales amount: $3042
    Roas: 660%
    In 9 days all.

    Previously, Roas was - 460% after changing content, increased by a third!
  • 246 USD

    Advertising of Minox Cosmetics

    Social media advertising
    In three months of work it was:

    Purpose: Message
    Price per application: $1.68
    Expensed: 28 889,32 $
    Number of applications: 17 192
  • 246 USD

    Working in the abroad

    Social media advertising
    During three months of work they received:

    Purpose: the letter
    Number of applications: 8374
    The cost: $1416,04
    Price per application (all directions): $0.16
  • 369 USD

    Targeted Advertising: Selling Goods for Animals through the Website

    Lead generation and sales
    In three months of work it was:

    Purpose: Conversion
    Costs: $29 688,54
    Purchased GA: 6 417
    Price for purchase: 4.6
    Sales amount: $182.512
    ROAS GA: 6.1

    We continue to test different hypotheses.
  • 197 USD

    Google Ads for Cosmetics!

    Contextual advertising
    The sale is cosmetic!

    The amount of costs: 29.4 thousand by UAH
    Total sales: 312 thousand by UAH
    Roas: 1060%

    We continue to work with search and marketing companies.
  • 197 USD

    Sales of spare parts (context advertising)

    Contextual advertising
    Sales of agricultural equipment.

    The cost: 12 thousand by UAH
    Total sales: 67,8 thousand by UAH
    Roas: 560%

    Search + Intelligent Trading Companies Work

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28 March 295 USD
Set and optimize targeting in TikTok


Responsive and attentive performer. Constantly in touch and ready to listen to wishes.


Thanks, everything is done well.I recommend.


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