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Yuliia R.

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Ukraine Pavlograd, Ukraine
17 hours 58 minutes ago
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registered for 15 days 17 hours
  • веб-дизайн
  • Web-дизайн
  • Логотипы
  • дизайн сайта
  • landing page
  • веб-дизайнер
  • Adode Photoshop
  • UI/UX Design
  • Adode Illustrator
  • figma


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Interface design 1
Web design 12

Language Proficiency Level

Українська Українська: fluent
Русский Русский: fluent
English English: intermediate
Polski Polski: pre-intermediate



Design & art



  • 3000 UAH

    by VRHERE

    Mobile apps design
    Design of the mobile application for virtual reality glasses to view movies
  • 2000 UAH


    Mobile apps design
    Design app for tourists in which you can book a hotel or hostel
  • 1500 UAH


    Interface design
    Website of the Interior Design
  • 2000 UAH

    Courier Delivery App

    Mobile apps design
    Supplement of delivery for the courier
  • 3000 UAH

    The Atomic Design System

    Interface design
    Authors Design System
  • 1500 UAH

    Street style

    Interface design
    Main screen for a clothing store that specializes in street style
  • 1500 UAH

    The Crazy Socks

    Interface design
    Working in the style of obrotatism
  • 1500 UAH

    Relax Restaurant

    Interface design
    Design of the restaurant website
  • 1500 UAH

    Ukrainian tour

    Interface design
    The main screen of the website about our travel to Ukraine.


  Recent proposals 9
Create 2 landing pages
5000 UAH
Landing page on wordpress
6000 UAH
Make a page design.
1000 UAH
Looking for who understands the webflow
2500 UAH
SMM Designer
1000 UAH
Designers on the Part-Time
1001 UAH
Designer for the Internet Store
4000 UAH
Page design FB/Instagram/Tick Stream and Landing Design
2000 UAH
Create a single-sided website
1000 UAH