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Sofiia Z.

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Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine
1 month 16 days ago
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registered for 1 year


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JavaScript 2



  • 207 USD


    Web programming
    Front - Nextjs + Styled Components
  • 207 USD


    Web programming
  • 1462 USD


    Web programming
    E-commerce project for managers specializing in finding original car parts. The project is still in the development stage, but its goal is to create a small online store, an admin panel to manage this store, and a small system for processing orders, deliveries, and supplies in one place.

    The main website is built using Next.js.

    In addition, a placeholder consisting of two pages was developed using Vue.js in case of temporary site unavailability.
  • 207 USD


    Web programming
    mob web app - Food delivery application
  • 731 USD

    Service Bot

    Web programming
    The project was commissioned for an existing business that offers services of craftsmen in Kyiv and within a radius of 30 km. The task was to develop a Telegram bot and two channels for communication between all employees (craftsmen and managers), as well as for posting new orders for craftsmen. The bot was needed to manage orders. For effective order management, a desktop application (CRM) was also created to control the entire list of orders.
  • 609 USD


    The project is aimed at processing, monitoring, and analyzing feedback from end customers to improve business processes.

    The initial task involved refactoring an old application and updating the design, but over time the front-end was completely redesigned, and a significant portion of the back-end logic was updated.

    The architecture of the front-end and the project structure were changed.
    Some MongoDB database models were updated.
    Technical stack used: React/Mui/Redux Toolkit/Axios/ - Node.js/Typescript/Mongo.
    Implemented monthly/yearly subscription.
    Integrated payment system WAYFORPAY.
  • 974 USD

    Custom application for CRM Bitrix

    Built-in custom application based on Bitrix24 software for logistics planning. Tasks solved by the application include: Simplifying the transfer of new requests from managers to logisticians. Standardization of data seen and entered by process participants. Recording each order on necessary routes. Generating a list of routes for drivers. Generating transport reports.
    The program consists of several tabs: Requests | Planning | Reports | Transport | Drivers

    When working with CRM, all requests from managers are synchronized with the application and stored in the database for further processing. Information search is based on incoming webhooks, and the backend converts data into the required format and stores it upon receiving requests.
    Each day of planning consists of a list of Transport vehicles with an array of Routes. Each route can be associated with a Request, partially distributed by quantity, updated in CRM status, or removed from the Route. In addition, routes can be modified in the Plan, deleted, or modified using the context menu. Each Planning with an array of Routes is sent to the selected driver of the chosen transport via a Telegram bot.
    The report exports all data on completed Routes. The Transport and Drivers database generates a necessary list for work. Working with Requests in Routes updates statuses and other values in CRM.
  • 1500 USD

    Slim Mom - daily calorie - pet project

    A calendar-weekline in which you can fix the food that was eaten. According to the introduced physical indicators will be calculated the daily calorie norm and the difference with the daily norm.

    Website written on the framework: React
    Adaptive Design
    Dark and light theme.
    Backlink is a server part:
    by Node.js
    by MongoDB

    Also for this project a mobile app is implemented on React Native, but it is not launched in the store or playmarket.


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