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Бот для solana blockchain

50 USD

Applications 2

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  1. 134  
    1 day50 USD

    Можу зробити на базі wordpress, з використанням плагіна https://github.com/bots-master/wp-bots-master/tree/master/bots-master

  2. 255    0  1
    1 day50 USD

    Здравствуйте, готов взяться за ваш заказ.
    Хотелось бы обсудить детали проекта.
    Надеюсь на сотрудничество.

Current freelance projects in the category Blockchain

Cryptocurrency arbitrage parser

377 USD

Bot needed: 1. That scans centralized exchanges: Binance, KuCoin, Gate, Mexs, Okex, ByBit, Bitget, Bitmap Decentralized: Jupiter, Orca, 1inch, Uniswap 2. We can add a specific token to it, for example mew, and specify exchanges, for example Binance and Jupiter. 3. If the price…

BlockchainData parsing ∙ 7 proposals

Automation of dApp

75 USD

Greetings! We need to write code in TypeScript, using the ethers.js library for automatically sending tokens on the EVM network (Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Arbitrum, Base) to the corresponding bridge for these tokens. We need a solution in the form of a script that we can…

BlockchainBot development ∙ 4 proposals

Security audit of Python code

38 USD

Experienced specialist needed to review and audit Python code. The script is used in the crypto sphere, works with crypto wallets, transactions, interacts with smart contracts. To run the script, private keys from wallets need to be entered. Task: Thoroughly check the…

BlockchainPython ∙ 5 proposals

Adding a settlement cryptocurrency to the mobile application

Adding in the mobile application (game) a model of deposits/withdrawals and winning/earning in a token on the TON blockchain.

BlockchainMicrosoft .NET ∙ 3 proposals

Module for collecting analytics on ethereum transaction NodeJS, TypeScript

In fact, the module is a function that takes a transaction, complements it, and enters data into a google sheet table. Connection to the google sheet table and data entry are implemented, some fields of the table are also implemented, as described in the task in more detail.…

BlockchainNode.js ∙ 2 proposals

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