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Доработки разной сложности интернет-магазина на OpenCart.

3000 UAH

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Client's feedback on cooperation with freelancer


I don’t want to say anything bad about a man. There was hope that a new freelancer on the exchange with a single review will do everything possible to get a good rating and positive reviews. Unfortunately, this was not done. The deadlines were violated three times, a total of a week from the promised initially (with the realization of the project was estimated in 4 days and was given 7). The work is not performed, the executor does not answer how much more time he needs and how many times he will still break the deadlines.

  1.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  2. 152  
    4 days4000 UAH

    Готовы к выполнению задания.

  3. 1518    64  7   1
    5 days4000 UAH

    Смогу сделать все!
    Портфолио на сайте woa.com.ua

  4.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  5. proposal concealed by freelancer
  6. 1416    57  0
    5 days4000 UAH

    привет, готов выполнить ваше задание. Напиши мне.

  7. proposal concealed by freelancer
  8. 1417    13  1   1
    7 days10 000 UAH

    Есть опыт работы с OpenCart, портфолио в профиле. Прочитал ТЗ, готовы выполнять за 7 дней.

  9. 182  
    5 days3500 UAH

    Добрый день. Готов выполнить ваши доработки.
    Качественно и в сроки гарантирую. Надеюсь на сотрудничесво.

    с ув. Игорь

    [email protected]
    050 885 11 51

  10.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  11.  freelancer isn't working in the service any longer
  12. 338    2  0
    20 days12 500 UAH

    Могу помочь качественно реализовать Ваш проект от 500 уе и 20 дн.

    Мои преимущества:
    10 лет опыта быстрой и качественной работы с:
    - OOP PHP;
    - MySOL;
    - JavaScript;
    - CSS;
    - HTML5;
    - Ajax;
    - jQuery;
    - OpenCart;
    - Drupal;
    - SEO.

    С уважением, Борис.