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Poland ConsultationПольша консультация

Translated500 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Serhii B.


I share a negative comment on cooperation with Sergey.I try to be objective and short.According to the price and the work itself: 1000gn (500 on the map and 500 more through the site) Sergey worked about as follows: Most copies from the internet (easy to google and visible links in the document); no answers to all questions from the TZ (which reduces the value of the consultation to zero, since all questions are linked) ( no answers to the question on TPS and PESEL UKR - see in the document).Also in the course of the conversation it was clear that Sergey completely doesn’t know what the TPS for the Ukrainians is https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/temporary-protected-status/TPS-Ukraine – why then take for such work if even such accusations you don’t know – an open question to Sergey.The fact that Sergey does not know this is well seen on the record of the consultation that I can provide if necessary.In general, he did not get anything out of the consultation... as Sergey himself said at the very end of the consultation: “I hope that even if something was useful, from this communication” he already says about everything... (there is a record where it is clearly heard)
I think of quality everything is clear, now about contact:
1) on my proposal 26.07 to call 27.07 to 12 days, Sergey replied "Yes, of course."The next day (27.07) Sergey appeared only at 2 days and wrote: "Hello.Sorry, I was busy.”2) To my proposal to lower the price to 500gn for consultation or to offer your option of solution Sergey replied with a refusal, where one of the arguments was: "You have sounded the questions you are interested in, and received answers to all of them" - false, because the question about TPS remained without answer (and since without this question consultation has meaning only in the given period).With time it was done, everything was fine.Thanks even here.

Serhii B.
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