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Работа с базой данных

2200 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Dmitro B.


Unfortunately, the work was carried out in unflat, the main field for further work was not filled. To use such a document has no sense. It was proposed to supplement the material and fulfill the assigned task, but the rejection followed. Therefore, this cooperation cannot be called successful.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Yekaterina Mironova

Task formulation

The task was set not clearly, after the task was performed, the customer decided that once the task was already performed, then you can do something and appeal to the arbitration, where he wrote the additional requirements that were not indicated before the task was performed. I do not recommend cooperation, because for this customer always something will be wrong.

Dmitro B. | Safe Safe

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    1 day3800 UAH

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    Winning proposal2 days2200 UAH

    Доброго дня. Зацікавило Ваше завдання. Готовий все обговорити та приступити до виконання одразу після обговорення.
    Буду радий співпраці, звертайтесь.

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    3 days700 UAH

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  4. proposal concealed by freelancer
  5. 728    58  1   1
    7 days700 UAH

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    3 days2000 UAH

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