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Implementation through CUDA

Translated22 USD

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    2 days50 USD

    If the entire service code is ready and you just need to replace the part responsible for the calculation on the Cuda nuclei, then let’s do this.
    Если весь обслуживающий код готов и нужно только заменить только часть отвечающую за вычисление на Cuda ядрах, тогда давайте сделаем это

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You need to write a program for automatic video unification using FFMPEG. After launch, the program must unify all the videos in the folder and go into the second. The folder. Parameters for the unification are random, but not so straight that the video has been scary. In the…

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Junior/mid-level react native engineer for an Austrian startup


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Create parser images, descriptions, features for OpenCart

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There is a website on the OpenCart engine - vpoint.com.ua. You need to write a parser, in the search field of someone, the keyword (model of the product) is entered, the search for this product occurs on a specific site. It is necessary to provide a preliminary view of the…

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Video downloading program in Tictock


You need to write the video download program in the tictus. Details in the letter. You need to write the video download program in the tictus. Details in the letter.

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Advertising of the site. Possible contextual advertising. We need to attract the leaders.

39 USD

Hello to you, There is a website. You have to make a advertising for him. Wearing clothes - summer - spring. The budgetary option. Advertising should be effective. Google Ads is possible. You need to attract customers to this site.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals

Radmir Akhmad
Kazakhstan Almaty (Alma-Ata)  12  0
Project published
2 months 21 days ago