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Re-design of the FreeModule page to WordPressРедизайн страницы FreeModule на WordPress

Translated800 UAH

Client's feedback on cooperation with Demian Kostelnyi


The project has not been completed until the end the execution does not want to complete the project

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Anton King

Task formulation

The customer began to demand what was not delivered at the beginning. The taxes were extended for a month, the extra time spent was not paid. The mobile version was not originally in the Figme, I made it in my own sight - the direction did it all. But the customer decided that the executive should do what was not initially agreed on freelance. And even everything he did left the customer (there is no sense to spend energy on such a matter). The answer to the question about why from his side SEO specialist believes the fixing of the size of the images - so never got, although he asked three times.

The conclusion is that a person does his work incomplete, does not know how to adhere to what was agreed on the platform, and also does not know how to write a response with an explanation of the situation)

Demian Kostelnyi | Safe Safe

  1. 328    12  0
    2 days1500 UAH

    Hello to Anton! I was familiar with the design and the required re-design page. The design is simple, the line will not take more than a day, using modern methods and technologies such as flexbox and css grid without extra frameworks such as bootstrap. Stretch on a clean wordpress without extra plugins and designers. There are a few questions about the task that we can discuss in Ls. I will be happy to cooperate!
    Здравствуйте, Антон! Ознакомился с макетом и требуемой редизайна страницей. Макет несложный, верстка займет не более дня, использую современные методы и технологии как flexbox и css grid без лишних фреймворков как bootstrap. Натяну на чистый вордпресс без лишних плагинов и конструкторов. Есть несколько вопросов по задаче, которые можем обсудить в лс. Буду рад сотрудничеству!

  2. proposal concealed by freelancer
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    1 day1000 UAH

    Hello to you.
    My name is Roman.
    I am a web designer on WordPress.

    I can perform my task.
    Do you want to edit all the information on the page through the admin? Headlines, subtitles, images, link to telegram, etc.The ?
    Do you use ACF? Is ACF installed on the website?
    Меня зовут Роман.
    Я разработчик сайтов на wordpress.

    Могу выполнить задание.
    Вы хотите всю информацию на странице редактировать через админку? Заголовки, подзаголовки, изображения, ссылку на телеграм и т.д.?
    Для этого использовать acf? acf установлен на сайте?

  4. 748    9  2
    2 days1000 UAH

    Hello to you!
    Interested in your project, ready to start.
    A little about us:
    We are a small team of 3 people. We provide a guarantee for work, always in contact.
    Why to choose us -
    1 . We work without prepaid.
    2nd We have great experience in creating and optimizing websites.
    Three We work on the result.
    4 . We offer only modern solutions.
    and 5. Clean and readable code.
    6 . We will not break the feedback after the project is completed.
    Заинтересовал ваш проект, готовы приступить
    Немного о нас:
    Мы небольшая команда из 3х человек. На работу даем гарантию, всегда на связи.
    Почему стоит выбрать нас –
    1. Работаем без предоплат.
    2. У нас большой опыт в создании и оптимизации сайтов.
    3. Работаем на результат.
    4. Предлагаем только современные решения.
    5. Чистый и читабельный код.
    6. Не обрываем обратную связь после завершения проекта.