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Development of an analytical table (checker) on Dune


  • Anton Kovalchuk
    21 September 2023, 16:15 |

    Не осилю. Але, відмічу постановку ТЗ - ідеально.

Current freelance projects in the category Blockchain

Copy the competitors website

31 USD

In this market, you can copy the competitor’s website. This is how 90 percent works. There’s nothing like that, as all the sites are made by the SRA networks so that partners get traffic on them. And it’s absolutely normal that they’re copied so that you don’t think, I’ll just…

1CBlockchain ∙ 4 proposals

Set the display of Bitcoin transactions on my website

26 USD

I have a unique bitcoin or ephereum address on the site to each visitor of the site - I have to set so that the transactions sent to this address were displayed on the site. Transaction information should be requested through the Webhook Open Transaction Observer.…

BlockchainWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals

Obtaining data about user transactions through API


Good day 1 . You need to obtain data through the API about the user’s transactions at the address of his wallet in the ETH network through the service https://bitquery.io, namely on you need to know the token for how much it bought/sold/sold (sum in $) how many times it…

BlockchainPython ∙ 6 proposals

You need a bot, a terminal that can trade on signals with TradingView

520 USD

You need a bot, a terminal, a site that will be able to trade on signals with TradingView on bybit, etc. In fact, the signal came with the TradingView bot bought on the exchange came even bought back and mediated how the price rose to what the tick profit sold. Well, it is…

BlockchainBot development ∙ 7 proposals

Creating a free roulette site and TON tokens awards

1788 USD

Page without access 1 . The first page with a free back, where there is a link to the wallet on the TON network and a link to the Twitter account, as well as one of the conditions for granting access - the subscription to the Twitter project. 2nd This page does not allow the…

BlockchainPHP ∙ 9 proposals

Ilya Chornuy
Ukraine Kyiv  2  0
Project published
5 months 5 days ago