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Absolutely unresponsible execution.He assured that the project on which the work was planned was quite understandable for him.He also said he had experience in solving this kind of task.If the work was conditionally divided into three parts, the chronology was as follows:
1)Prepared the design, discussed further actions.2) The officer was silent.I promised that the site’s option will be prepared so that I can see changes in real time.But the promise was not fulfilled.I assured that the site is ready at 90%.I was so embarrassed that I didn’t believe him in the word that he worked so much.After the completion of the fourteen days that were taken to the project, it was revealed that of the 16 basic requirements that were mentioned in the technical task, only two were completed!On my side, it was proposed to make a table of tasks that need to be performed so that the executor himself could set down the deadlines, to perform all tasks.This approach also did not result.The executive failed all the possible delays he has set up himself.The failure of the executive to acknowledge that he is unable to fulfill this project shows an unprecedented low level of professionalism and absolute irresponsibility.I do not advise to cooperate if a responsible project is planned.

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