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Making 4 laboratory work on the subject Data Storage (MS SQL Server)Зробити 4 лабораторні роботи по предмету Сховища даних (MS SQL Server)

Translated1000 UAH

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Client's feedback on cooperation with Vladislav Girdvaynis


He took the job and said everything was clear. As a result, the deadline was delayed for four days, covered by a lack of electricity. He sent half of the files in which the task was not completed. They look like they’ve done them in 10 minutes just to be. A terrible executor.

Freelancer's feedback on cooperation with Viktor Fernets

Task formulation

The customer did not normally complete the work, made the stickers, although the work was actually performed, and it remained quite a little, screenshots were real and corresponded to reality. I’m not “covered” by the lack of electricity, I just need a drop of understanding to have to the co-workers, and to what realities we live in. I consider his feedback a great attachment to myself and clearly no cooperation with him language can go. No methods, nothing, was given, everything was done from scratch, and all one dissatisfaction. What did he get out of that I’m doing the job in 10 minutes? The customer himself left me a picture where only signatures to screenshots and this is the whole report

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